Surge S2: Xiaomi’s Unreleased Self-Developed Mobile SoC Exposed


Today, a Chinese leakster Digital Chat Station shared some photos of unreleased surge S2 chipset on his Weibo account. Surge S2 is the second chipset developed by Xiaomi after the first surge S1. But unfortunately, it was not used in any Smartphone.

Surge S2 Exposed

However, the blogger did not disclose the detailed parameters of the Surge S2. He says only that this is a 2018 chip. It is worth mentioning that he used the word of “the surging S2 that died in 2018” when he posted his blog and then edited Weibo to delete the 2 words of abortion, which caused many users to associate.

In addition to the Surge S2, the pine cone low-power Bluetooth audio chip U2 and the narrowband IoT chip U1 are also featured in the photo.

In the comments, many Mi fans feel sorry for the surge chipsets and hope that Xiaomi will re-launch the devices equipped with surge processor. Do readers think this is possible?

Friends familiar with Xiaomi know that Surge is the name of Xiaomi’s self-developed processor. The first chip is the Surge S1, which was released in 2017. Xiaomi Mi 5C was the first Smartphone that adopts Xiaomi’s self-developed processor. But after that, the Surge chip did not have any. According to news, it is said that Songguo Electronics also reorganized in 2019, and some of its teams split and formed a new company, Nanjing Dayu Semiconductor, and began independent financing.

The self-developed processor has always been a huge problem for domestic mobile phones. In addition to Huawei’s accumulated experience in this area for many years, other mobile phone manufacturers must be limited to specialized manufacturers, so all aspects are a bit difficult to let go of.

Xiaomi used this purpose to research and develop from the main, but it has a long way to go. It may be difficult to see the new chips of Surge in the future.

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