SY X33-1 Foldable Quadcopter Drone Available for $28; Design, Features & Review


X33-1 is a quadcopter drone from Song Yang. Since SY X33-1 is foldable, it can be easily carried to any place. Moreover, it comes with same or even better than drones from well-known brands and comes with an affordable pricing. On TomTop, the SY X33-1 is available with a discounted price.


The SY X33-1 is a RC folding drone that weighs 132 grams along with the battery. Including its propeller, the SY drone measures 17 x 17 x 5.8 cm. it is available in an attractive white color. The device is made up of ABS and it comes with propeller guard ring, foldable arms and flashing LED light.

SY X33-1

Specifications and Features

The SY X33-1 features an inbuilt 6-axis gryo which makes it easy to fly and operate by using its 2.4GHz remote control which allows the user to control it within a range of 60 meters. The remote control works on 4 x AA batteries. It allows the user to control the SY X33-1 quadcopter in various ways such as ascend, design, left, right, forward and backward. It is capable of 360-degree 3D eversion. A 3.7V 750mAh battery is present inside the device.

SY X33-1

SY X33-1

The Auto Return feature makes use of the inbuilt positioning system to make the drone to automatically return to the original place from where it took off. The headless mode allows the user to make the drone to move in one direction. It bright LED makes it usable at night. The marvelous SY X33-1 can also perform 3D flips in the air. The device is very easy to assemble by using a screwdriver.

SY X33-1

SY X33-1_4


The SY X33-1 is one of the versatile and cheapest foldable quadcopter drone. On TomTop, it is listed with an attractive price of $28.99 which makes it an irresistible gadget to purchase.


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