Syma X5sc Drone Rc quadcopter and WLtoys L343 RC Monster Truck flash sale at @RCMOMENT


SYMA X5SC Drone Rc Quadcopter is an upgraded version of SYMA X5C Drone Rc Quadcopter which is an excellent flyer with very good flight capabilities, and it will provide very good anti-interference photography and video recording.The quadcopter itself is measured 315mm in length and width and 105mm in height. This makes it a medium size quadcopter suited to fly both indoor and outdoor, but if you are new to drones you should first learn to fly outside until you get the base stuff and don’t forget to add removable propellers protection covers while learning to fly. With 2MP camera under the main body, you get 720p video and it does come with a 4GB memory card which is great.and Now you won’t have to watch others play in awe. Introducing the inexpensive, capable and fantastic 1/24th scale, the 2WD monster truck from WLToys L343! Featuring 2.4GHz radio control system, digital proportional controls, individually sprung front wheels and a removable rechargeable battery, you can now drive like a “pro”, and continue to do so with multiple battery packs! Large, realistically threaded monster tires provide loads of traction on rough surfaces, eg. roads/tarmac, sand, cement walk paths etc.

SYMA X5SC Drone Rc Quadcopter
SYMA X5SC Drone Rc Quadcopter Flight control system with integrated 6axis gyro you have a quadcopter that can rise, descend, move forward/backward, turn left/right without any problems and it’s very responsive to the controls. The Syma X5SC is capable of aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, 360′ rotating, 4-way flipping, hand launching, crabbing, etc.The Headfree (headless) feature works very well and you can turn it on before or anytime during a flight, this means the quadcopter will remember its initial heading so you can use this as a return to home feature. Perfect for beginners.SYMA X5SC Drone Rc Quadcopter has Declared distance is 50m, but you will be able to fly it at about 60-70 max.Included battery has the capacity of 500 mAh with the charge time of 90 minutes which is not that bad.The transmitter is a full size with non-removable control sticks, two shoulder buttons, and a non-lit LCD display.The camera is easily removed/installed. If you are a beginner with quadcopters you will need some practice as quadcopter is very responsive and it takes some time to get the hang of it.SYMA X5SC Drone Rc Quadcopter available on RCMOMENT at $31.99 plus one extra battery.

WLtoys L343 RC Monster Truck
For less than $30, L343 is well built, the top is removable shell cover with some good vinyl design and the finish looks glossy. the bottom houses all the motors, escs, suspension and wheels, along with the battery compartment. there is a good room for a bigger lipo’s, if you would like to upgrade from the stock 6.4 volts 320 mah!The big rubber wheels seem to be tough and durable, though I did not have a chance to drive it on mud and rock surfaces, the car seems to be doing good on drive roads and indoor floors.The remote is a reasonable standard of WLtoys with a jog wheel for steering and trigger for forwarding and backward movements. There is also a trim adjustment knob for any hard hits, which might make the car lose its wheel alignment. Trimming can be done with the adjustable dial knob to make sure your car goes in right direction.but for me this was not required out of the box, L343 drew well.The battery compartment at the back houses the 6.4v 320mah lipo battery measuring 45*30*15 mm with JST connector. With the provisioned wall charger, the complete charge cycle took about an hour, while the run time was almost 18 plus minutes.if you are not driving this car aggressively with some can grab your WLtoys L343 RC Monster Truck at RCMOMENT in just $25.99.

The Syma X5SC is great for beginners and users who want to have fun with aerobatics as the drone is fast and responsive, but if you want more speed and are sure in your flying abilities you can remove prop guards, landing feet and camera for some weight loss so the quadcopter will be even faster. The smooth and stable flight will allow you to create a very good areal video with the little practice but do avoid heavy can buy your SYMA X5SC Drone Rc Quadcopter on RCMOMENT at $31.99(plus one extra battery).If you are Looking for a fun, easy and safe car for your little kids, undoubtedly Wltoys L343 1/24 2.4G High-Speed 25km/h 2WD Radio Remote Control Monster Truck car will be a great option! It has got good front wheel suspension with 2.4G radio control to enable actions like racing forward or backward, turning left or right.Durable off-road tires have high performance on a variety of surfaces. And it is built with 320mAh battery for up to 18 minutes of run time.WLtoys L343 RC Monster Truck is available on RCMOMENT at $25.99.

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