Synthetic Monitoring 101


It’s 4 am. Do you know how your apps are performing? If you don’t, you should!

Today’s users expect to access sites and applications 24*7 irrespective of the device they’re using or their location. If they’re running into performance issues or downtime, it won’t be long before they abandon your app altogether. That’s where CA app synthetic monitoring comes in!

What is an app synthetic monitor?

CA app synthetic monitor of CA ASM enables one to keep an eye on their systems around the clock. Made to replicate every step of the end-user experience, this robust cloud synthetic monitoring solution provides up-to-the-minute insights into the health and

availability of any application from 95 locations around the world.

For apps that don’t require complete application performance management or to supplement an on-premises APM solution, this software as a service-based solution (SaaS) offers a proactive way to identify issues and resolve them before they affect users. It can help one optimize their organization’s investments by consistently applying the right level of synthetic monitoring to deliver high service levels and an exceptional end-user experience.

As a part of ca app synthetic monitoring, one can monitor performance 24/7 worldwide and ensure key business transactions are performing and not only identifying but resolving issues before customers are affected. One also gets to keep their stakeholders informed by leveraging public status pages.


  1. Public Status Pages(Health)
  2. Functional Multi-Step Testing (scripting)
  3. Full page monitoring
  4. Extensive analysis, alerting, and reporting
  5. Real Browser Monitoring
  6. 95 website monitoring stations
  7. Root Cause Analysis
  8. 26 protocols including HTTP, FTP, DNS
  9. Support for maintenance slots
  10. Fully featured reporting tools
  11. 5 providers and 8 SMS gateways
  12. SLA compliance reports
  13. Seamless integration with fully-featured website monitoring API

How can app synthetic monitoring works?

An app synthetic monitor uses synthetic transaction monitoring to check performance and quickly pinpoint problems. Unlike most monitoring tools that depend on existing user transaction apps, synthetic monitors mimic actual user behavior with synthetic transactions. Even at 4 am when there’s minimal traffic, synthetic monitors watch your systems and alerts you to any issues. It’s like a security guard who keeps an eye on your systems around the clock and helps one find and fix problems before their users wake up and login no matter where in the world they are. With a global network of nearly 100 monitoring stations across six continents, ca app synthetic monitoring has you covered. It also gives you complete visibility into all your business-critical applications, wherever irrespective of their hosting- delivered via a managed service provider or hosted outside the firewall in the cloud, and it’s so easy to deploy.

You can be up and running in just minutes, plus as one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market, a synthetic monitor saves you money and headaches.

See an app synthetic monitor take the night shift, get some sleep and keep your customers happy 24 hours a day with ca app synthetic monitoring!


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