T0 E-Wheel Skateboard Review: a Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter For Just $295.99 at Gearbest (+Coupon)


Alfawise is a trademark that has gained momentum over the past few months and dominated in the field of electric scooters with its new model Alfawise T0 today offers a reduced price of $295.99 by Gearbest. This is a model that is a direct competitor of the well-known Xiaomi M365, and its derivatives ES1 and ES2. Alfawise T0 is a mid-range electric skateboard that stands out for its good combination of an eye-catching design, choose materials that enjoy very good resistance and a more than acceptable performance in terms of speed, autonomy, and support for weight users. All this is offered in exchange for a balanced price.

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This foldable electric scooter can support a weight of up to 100 kg with its aluminum frame, ideal for an adult or teenager. It has an electric motor with a power of 250W reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h and can climb slopes up to 14°. Its battery of 5.2Ah, with French connector, is charged in 5 hours and allows to reach a range of up to 30 km. It measures 108 x 43 x 114 (or 49 folded) cm, has 8.5″ full wheels and LED lighting on the front for driving at night. E-ABS anti-lock braking system and a mechanical disc brake at the rear, and has six functions to protect against short circuits, over-currents, overloads, discharges, brownouts, and malfunctions temperature.


The T0 Electric Scooter comes well and safely packed to its rider. The electric pedal scooter is almost completely assembled. The last step is the assembly of the handlebars and the tightening of four screws, an Allen key is included in the delivery. So the T0 Electric Scooter is ready for use in less than five minutes. The T0 Electric Scooter is an electric pedal scooter with step support. Standing on it and accelerating is not enough, the driver must push. Only at a certain speed does the electric motor start. In the test, the motor power of 250 W from the front wheel worked from a driving speed of 3 km/h. The manual pedaling is not sufficient. The manual pedaling is no longer necessary after the electrical assistance; once rolled up, the T0 Electric Scooter drives continuously electrically.

The battery of the T0 Electric Scooter is fixed in the frame. For charging, the user takes the scooter inside with him. The integrated 30 cells have a nominal system charge of 7800 mAh. The battery takes 5 hours and 30 minutes to charge 100%. The charger consumes 75 W of power. The T0 Electric Scooter lacks a screen to display speed or other status information. Instead, four LEDs light up in the middle of the handlebar, indicating the battery level in 25 percent increments. Below this is the on/off button, which also activates the front and rear lights.

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The Alfawise T0 is an electric scooter approves of shocks, with the ideal design to offer high strength and durability. This means greater security for those who use it. Although with its 12.5Kg can be considered somewhat heavy, this measure is not much if you consider the above. The Alfawise T0 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter is currently on Flash Sale at Gearbest for Just $295.99 by using this Coupon Code: GBT1QC001


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