T95Z Plus Android TV Box Inspiring Design, Powerful Internals Review (Coupon Inside)


Looking for an alternative to your current TV box? If so, you may have found it right here! The T95Z Plus TV Box boasts quite a few features that are attractive to both rookies and seasoned veterans of the technology. T95Z Plus TV Box comes up with a lot of added features and specifications which can give you food for thought. The TV Box has a unique design and shape which looks like a hexagonal honeycomb. The connectivity ports and slots are on the back and it has LED lights and essential displays on the side panel.


One of the most noticeable parts of the T95Z Plus Android TV Box is its hexagonal design that comes with honeycomb pattern texture on the top surrounded by a slick and colorful line. The LCD screen at the front displays some useful information. The display will show time and how the device is connected with WiFi or Lan, as well as the word “boot” during its initiating stage. The entire top edge of the box is designed with color-changing LED light that can be controlled by the remote. T95Z Plus TV Box is equipped to play on a 4K. Here 4K will eventually replace 1080p which are considered as best possible resolution clarity for Movies and Television Plays at home. To explain in detail, it will offer a minimum of 3,840 pixels X 2,160 pixels for breadth and length respectively which is equivalent to twice of the 1080p resolution factor in breadth and length. This is one of the PLUS factors of T95Z TV Box to enjoy your desired movies at the highest resolution.


The 95Z Plus comes with Amlogic S912 CPU which is a high-performance octa-core 64bit chipset which is known for a maximum clock speed of up to 1.5GHz. Apps will never run so smoothly in other chipset devices. People can easily enjoy many hot games and APKs with its 3GB DDR4 RAM and 32GB Flash ROM. Available internal storage where we can store multimedia and applications is 32 gigabytes, and of course, it can be expanded by an additional 32 GB. The latter functionality is not often found in TV Boxes, so it’s a good idea for designers to include this solution, which is useful for people who like to hold a large library of movies on disk. The TV box can also be used for casual gaming, thanks to the combination of an Octacore CPU and a powerful Mali GPU. The Google Play store opens up the door to thousands of apps and games, which users can enjoy on their big screens without any serious performance issues. However, things may start to get a little tricky when you try to run heavy games as the device is not meant for them. Overall, the interface feels smooth, app load quickly and there are no serious performance and stability issues.


T95Z Plus TV Box is powered by Android 7.1 Nougat. Apart from its core operating system, the device has KODI pre-installed, which will relieve from the trouble of sideloading the software. All the ports are located at the back, which helps keep things organized and neat, including USB 2.0 ports, optical audio output, Ethernet, HDMI, DC-in, micro SD card, composite out. However, the absence of any USB ports at the front can be inconvenient as it’s hard to reach the back in cabinets. The video playback on T95Z Plus is second to none, as all the common codecs can be played on the device without any issue. It can play more demanding codecs like H.265, 4K 60fps, and 1080p Hi10p. However, like other Android TV boxes, the latest T95Z Plus does not support automatic framerate switching. It works well when dealing with wireless 4K streaming from a network file system and there will be no issue of buffering, which is definitely great. The device comes with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 2.0 port for better audio and video performance. It offers 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity that enables the users to connect it with other Bluetooth enabled devices. While a LAN connection is always preferable, the dual-band WiFi feature will allow you to connect the device to high-speed internet at the highest speeds possible.


T95Z Plus TV Box offers great features and specifications at an affordable priced at $66.99 use coupon code: T95ZPTV. You can buy from Geekbuying. T95Z Plus is no doubt a great Android TV Box that comes with eye-catching design and highly functional features that altogether make the TV viewing experience simply amazing.


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