Tanix TX6-A TV Box Review: An amazing TV with nice configuration


The TANIX TX6-A Android 9.0 tv box adopts Allwinner H6 new technology, 6K ultra-clear display with a stable dual-antenna transmission, never worry about video interruption or picture distortion, offers high-resolution viewing and fluent video playing. It has a large capacity and Bluetooth 5.0 Version, perfect for installing various APPs. Simple plug it into TV, and enjoy your best private theater time with your family and friends!

Buy Tanix TX6-A TV Box(2GB+16GB) at $32.99

Buy Tanix TX6-A TV Box(4GB+32GB) at $44.99


The Tanix TX6-A TV Box comes in the form of a small rectangular black box with compact dimensions. It simply bears the name of the mark on the top cover and an LED has been placed on its front side to allow us to know its operating status. The unit comes with remote control. Very small too, it includes all the usual controls. Level design, Tanix opted for matte black. It has a dimension of 10.50 x 10.50 x 2.50 cm with a total weight of 450grams.


The Tanix TX6-A TV Box is at the head of a solid technical sheet. The media center embeds indeed an Allwinner H6 CPU coupled to 2 |4GB of RAM and 16|32 GB of storage. The device will be able to read 4K and it even supports HDR. Bluetooth is, of course, present, the same for WiFi. On the platform side, Tanix chose to equip it with an Android 9.0 Pie. It will be able to enjoy all the usual applications. No bad surprise on the connection. In addition to the TF card reader, there is a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI output, an AV output, and an Ethernet port.

Where To Buy The Tanix TX6-A TV Box

The Tanix TX6-A TV Box(2GB+16GB) is currently available on Gearbest for $32.99 while the 4GB+32GB is currently available for $44.99

Buy Tanix TX6-A TV Box(2GB+16GB) at $32.99

Buy Tanix TX6-A TV Box(4GB+32GB) at $44.99

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