TCL 750 Smartphone Unboxing Review at $322


TCL has held new product release conference, and announced TCL 750 smartphone, which used ceramic sand blasting process, dual 2.5D curved screen, only 6.95mm thickness with white, gold and blue three color options.

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On its back, it can support fingerprint scanner based on TrustZone technology to pay safely. As for its hardware, TCL 750 uses 5.2inch 1080p screen, powered by Helio P10 processor, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB. It is built in 2800mAh battery, supporting 4G network, running Android6.0 OS. It has dual camera, 8MP front camera and 13MP back camera and dual color temperature LED flashlight, F2.0 big aperture, PDAF technology.

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TCL 750 sells at $322, 1993 yuan, but they don’t release the selling time. So will  you spend $300 to buy a Helio P10 RAM 3GB smartphone?


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