TCL breeva Air Purifier A3 & A2 – Breathe Fresh & Clean Air anytime and w/ UV sterilization! (vid+images)


I have many patients that have breathing problems. Specially during autumn, these problems become more often and with more severe effect. And we mustn’t forget the Covid 19 pandemia that we have right now everywhere on this planet. So what all these people need, what all we need…is an air purifier that can hold all the allergens and pollen that are travelling in the air and if it could also sterilize it form Covid virus, would be superb! Luckily, breeva, a sub-diary company of TCL, created the breeva A2 and breeva A3, two very good air purifiers that are exactly for this job, to keep us safe!

The two models where to send to me from Indiego, where you can find them at the moment, as soon is expected to be found and on the amazon. The two models came without any problem, in a big box.

Opening the box, inside found the packages of the two models. Each box contained the air purifier, with the filter and a cable for the power.

Working with each model is very easy. You just plug it in the power and press the power button. It won’t pass many minutes till you will start to fell that the air is more clearer now. Both models on the top side they have their functions buttons, through which you can fully operate both models. There you will see the power button, for changing the fan mode, for activating the light ring, and many more. Of course you can operate both models through their app, TCL HOME, which you can find at Google Playstore and Apple Store.

To connect each model with the app, all you have to do is press the power button for about 5 sec and it will start blinking. The you go to the app and you connect it with the device. The whole procedure is very easy and you can see it the the video review I have for you later. Of course you can control it with Alexa or Google Assistant, something that I demonstrate to you in the video. That easy…..! From the app you can set, arrange, control A2 or A3. And of course you can do it and away from home, so to activate the device and when you get home to have a clean air to breath from.

All these show you how easily you can work with both models, far or near, but the big question is why you should buy one of the models or both? I will tell you why and you will agree with me!

As I told you at the beginning, our houses now are full with dust, pollen, allergens, because of the polluted air, of the animal that we have in our home, because we love to have flowers in our balcony. But people with allergies suffer and their live is a continues torture. So why they should continue to live like that? Apart from this, now we have one more factor to be careful, Covid virus. So we need something that could also kill this deadly virus. breeva A3 is the model for all these and with the help of breeva A2, you can have a clean air with humidifier.

breeva has a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, which removes all particles with an efficiency of 99.95%. H13 HEPA has a long service life of up to 2,160 hours and should be replaced every six months when breeva is on for 12 hours a day. In addition, the protective layer in the A3, contains a UV-C purification layer that destroys the DNA / RNA of microbes and particles by short-wave ultraviolet radiation. In the A2, you wont find this, but with the humidifying technology, you can alleviate allergy symptoms and eliminate irritating conditions such as congestion and sinusitis so you can feel refreshed the next morning.

The two models vary in the area that can clean. So the A3 model can clean up to 23m² , when the A2 can clean up to 17m². With a powerful 270 m³/h CADR, breeva tackles nearly every corner and can effectively cover a room with an area of up to 246 ft². It can also clean the air up to 5X more per hour than a conventional air purifier.

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Where you can find these two fantastic air purifiers!? At Indiego of course. The campaign there will end in 2 and half days, so you don’t have much time. But there is more…as there is a chance to win a TCL Smart TV

You have questions…!? The specialized team of breeva at Facebook will gladly answer you any questions that you have. You can find other TCL air purifier series here –

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