TCL Shows Dual-Fold Smartphone Prototype


a few months ago we learned that TCL was working on a flexible mobile that could become a bracelet to act like a smartwatch, it has now shown a prototype of a foldable phone that does not fold in two halves such as the Galaxy Fold or the Mate X , but it folds in the form of “Z” because it has no less than three screens.

The prototype shown by TCL, even without a definitive name or estimated release date, adds an additional hinge to the one we have already seen in other folding models so that it folds twice, once out and once inwards (zigzag). That translates into three screens that, once deployed, have a joint diagonal of 10 inches.

According to CNET, in addition, this curious device will have an iridescent finish and will have four rear cameras, a front camera, and USB-C port, but will not have a headphone jack.

Of the rest of the benefits, nothing is known yet, and the images that have transcended show their screen locked, so we do not know details of the software.

As always with prototypes, we do not know if it will materialize in a commercial device, but if so, there is no doubt that one of its great advantages will be the versatility offered by having three screens and a surface of a 10-inch display.

On the other side of the scale, however, we would have a high thickness once folded and the possible problems derived from the hinges that we have already seen in the case of Samsung. The brand of time has not revealed more specific details such as RAM, processor or the capacity of the battery or batteries.

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