TCL X11G TV: Cutting-Edge Technology at an Affordable Price


TCL has just announced the launch of its latest product, the TCL X11G QD-Mini LED TV, boasts of being the world’s first “Double 5000” TV. With a starting price of 19,999 yuan, this TV has some of the most advanced display technology available.  

One of the most remarkable features of the TCL X11G is its backlight display technology, which uses 100-micron-level high-efficiency Mini LED light-emitting chips and optical-grade microlenses 5184-level backlight partitions to achieve precise pixel-level point-to-point light control. This advanced technology results in an ultra-high peak brightness of 5000nit and an ultra-high contrast ratio of 50 million: 1, which creates a more dynamic and lifelike image on the screen.

In terms of hardware, the TCL X11G supports 144Hz high refresh rate and 240Hz refresh rate doubling technology (T·HRR professional version), which is perfect for gamers and movie enthusiasts who seek smooth and seamless picture quality. The TV is also equipped with Lingyao chip M2 and a TXR MiniLED image quality enhancement chip that improves the image quality and performance of the device.

Moreover, the TCL X11G has an upgraded Smart Control desktop that shows no advertisements upon startup. The TV supports six projection methods: four-way projection, NFC one-touch projection, multi-screen interaction, mobile phone projection, PC wireless projection, and HDMI wired cast. This feature makes it easy for users to connect their devices and enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, or games on the big screen.

The TCL X11G also comes with 4GB+128GB storage and supports Wi-Fi 6, which can provide users with faster and more reliable internet connectivity. Additionally, the TV has 8-channel Onkyo 4.2.2 HiFi speakers and four independent power amplifier chips, which deliver exceptional audio quality and a more immersive viewing experience.

Regarding pricing, the TCL X11G is available in three sizes: 75-inch, 85-inch, and 98-inch, with a starting price of 19,999 yuan, 27,999 yuan, and 44,999 yuan, respectively. Overall, TCL’s X11G QD-Mini LED TV offers some of the most advanced display technology available on the market and is an excellent choice for those who seek a more dynamic and lifelike viewing experience.

In conclusion, TCL has continued to make strides in the television industry with the launch of the X11G QD-Mini LED TV. This TV has advanced display technology, high-quality audio, and numerous features that enhance the viewing experience. With a starting price of 19,999 yuan, the TCL X11G is an excellent investment for those who seek to upgrade their home entertainment system.

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