Techboy TB-822 Owl DIY One-key Motion Controlling Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Techboy TB-822 is a drone quadcopter of limited size, which is controlled in a simple and immediate, thanks to the special “mouse” and the movement of our hand! How fantastic it is! Moreover, this aircraft is appeared as four shapes: butterfly, ladybird, monkey, and owl. You can fly your flying pets in the jungle!


Techboy TB-822 Drone is Made of foam material, very light in weight. it has only 19g weight with Battery included and dimensions are 160 * 150 * 40mm. It is equipped with a 6-axis Gyroscope and Coreless motor. The 3.7V 180mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery for about 5-8mins flying time and recharges via the dedicated USB charger in about half an hour. The small quadcopter is attached extra body shell is delivered randomly among butterfly, ladybird, monkey and owl appearance, Techboy TB-822 has the Exquisite appearance, easy and safe to operate.


The functions in this Drone are activated by the mouse-shaped radio control. To steer, just tilt the hand to the right or left, to advance or slow down, just tilt your wrist forward or backward. The remote control has a distance of about 20 meters and uses the 2.4GHz WiFi network. The drone is also capable of Motion Controlling 360° flips for cool operating and flying. Equipped with the motion controller, you can use your hands to control the action of the RC quadcopter. The small Drone is very stable in indoor & outdoor environments, and although it takes a while before figuring out the automation of the Mouse-shaped radio control, the flight is fun and enjoyable. The vehicle control is great and the 360 ??degree evolution is equally as good.


The new Techboy TB-822 drone was a pleasant discovery. For about $18.99 you can buy from RCMOMENT using this Coupon Code: SALE15. Techboy TB-822 nice model to fly and very original (thanks to the choice of the mouse-type radio remote control). Unfortunately, it does not have a camera and the transmitter is only suitable for small hands (or you’ll be able to do the functions) but the proven stability and the fun of 360 ° evolutions will surely positively evaluate this little quadcopter.


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