Teclast T50 Tablet Review: A Look at the Pros and Cons


As far as the current tablet market is concerned, many domestic manufacturers price their products at 2.5K. That is to say; for tablets, there is still a vacancy in the market of around 1,000 yuan. So at this entry-level price, if we want to obtain a more balanced experience, how should we choose? Perhaps this experience brought today can bring you the answer; let’s see what surprises Teclast T50 has brought us! You can check Teclast T50 deal here.

For a tablet, the screen is one of the most critical interaction windows with users, so many will first look at its screen performance when choosing a tablet. As a tablet priced just over a thousand yuan, Teclast T50 conscientiously uses an 11-inch large screen. Of course, it is not only significant but also has a resolution of 2000*1200. Thanks to the T-Colour2.0 color management technology, its display effect is delicate and eye-pleasing in color. You can check Teclast T40 Pro VS Teclast T50 here.

In addition to the advantages of the screen hardware, Teclast also provides a wealth of custom settings, such as our standard color temperature, screen optimization, and reading mode, etc. have also come to this T50.

In daily use, I think the performance of this screen is remarkable. Thanks to the large size, you will have a good viewing experience when watching dramas, reading books, or comics. In the reading mode + dark theme, it can even have a performance close to that of an electronic paper book.


In appearance, Teclast T50 also chose the popular metal body design. It can be seen from the back of the fuselage that the all-metal design has dramatically improved its texture, which is also a rare design at the price of 1,000 yuan. In terms of actual touch, it is very smooth and delicate, and it can be seen that its craftsmanship is not bad. Of course, the design of the metal body can not only improve the texture and bring it better heat dissipation performance.

The kindness of Teclast T50’s materials is not only reflected in this; its front and rear cameras are all from Sony. The show is an 8-megapixel back-illuminated camera, and the rear is a 20-megapixel stack camera, which is more than enough for daily video calls and code scanning.

Its power and volume buttons are designed on the top of the fuselage, and the Type-C charging port is also located here. Regarding the button feel, the Teclast T50 is quite good, with a solid feel and precise feedback, and the artistry exceeds my expectations. No burrs were found on the edge of the charging port, indicating that the overall artistry is still guaranteed.


Regarding hardware configuration, the Teclast T50 is equipped with the T618 octa-core processor by Ziguang Zhanrui. It can be seen from the actual running score of AnTuTu that it can also achieve a score of 245,000 points. Although such a result is not very high, it can still be found after experience that its performance is not broken.

The reason why it can have such a performance, I think, is also inseparable from the simple system. The Teclast T50 is equipped with the Android 11 system, and there are almost no built-in apps at the factory, which is very close to the original Android. Although it is simple, it still has commonly used functions, such as long screenshots, screen recording, etc. Of course, if there is any regret, it should be that the virtual buttons are still used instead of the current mainstream gesture operations.

In daily use, I occasionally use it to play games such as King of Glory. Judging from its actual realization, Teclast T50 is relatively calm in dealing with such popular games. In the high-definition mode, the game’s frame rate is relatively stable, the overall feeling is smooth, and it will not freeze even in team battles.

Teclast T50 has 8GB of running memory and 128GB of storage space. With the blessing of UNISOC T618, it has a specific gaming ability and is no longer a problem to meet daily use. I tested the user experience of commonly used APPs, such as browsing Weibo, Zhihu, etc., which are also relatively smooth. Thanks to the ample storage space, hoarding some learning videos or exciting episodes is relatively easy.


Whether a tablet is used as an online class artifact or an entertainment tool, the screen’s performance and sound quality are critical. I have already mentioned the version of the Teclast T50 screen, now let me tell you about the surprises brought about by its sound quality.

Its ability to give us quad stereo speakers at this price point is something I hadn’t thought of before; it would cost more and perform better than a dual-speaker design. In actual use, it can be felt that its sound will be more textured, and this surround sound effect will allow users to obtain a more immersive experience. It can be said that its good quality performance is firmly in the first echelon of the thousand yuan level.

Teclast T50 uses the Sweet 4 with four stereo speakers and an independent four-channel intelligent digital power amplifier. In other words, to have better sound quality performance, it has worked hard at the hardware level, and it is not difficult to understand why it has such an excellent performance.

The Teclast T50 uses a 7500 mAh super-capacity battery to obtain a longer battery life. I have never felt battery life anxiety during nearly half a month of use. And it also supports 18W PD fast charging and comes standard with a fast charging head and a C to C charging cable. From the actual test, the 0-100% charging time is about 3 hours; although it is not fast, it is enough.


For tablets, support for full Netcom is a plus. On Teclast T50, this function has also been retained and has a good experience. It uses a three-choice two-card slot design, which means you can insert two SIM cards simultaneously, or use one SIM card + one TF card. I think this design is better.

During the Chinese New Year, I encountered that my mobile phone ran out of battery. At this time, Teclast T50 came in handy. Because directly changing the SIM in the mobile phone to the tablet, you can now experience all the functions similar to the complete mobile phone, which is almost a seamless connection.

I can even use Teclast T50 for navigation. After all, it can support the four major satellite navigation systems of Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO at the same time. From a functional point of view, the Teclast T50 is almost the same as our mobile phone, so using it as your backup phone at critical moments is not a bad idea.


Judging from the use of nearly half a month, Teclast T50 can meet almost all my needs. When used at home, its 11-inch 2K screen is designed with four stereo speakers; whether it is online classes, watching dramas,, or playing games, you can have an excellent experience. It can even be connected to a keyboard and mouse and can be used temporarily as your productivity tool.

In terms of performance, UNISOC Tiger T618 is equipped with 8GB of running memory and a near-native Android 11 system, which is more than enough to meet the needs of daily use; with the blessing of full Netcom 4G and a price in the early 1000 yuan, Teclast T50 is an entry-level smartphone. The tablet is still very competent. If your needs are similar to the above, maybe the tablet suits you.

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