Teclast X16 Pro, X16 Plus Tablet PC ROM Firmware


Share original ROM Android_Firmware.7z for Telclast X16 Pro tablet pc.

Changes made:
-Remove ALL  applications except Chinese (Boot to Windows and TeclastBootManager)
-Default the Spanish language and time zone Europe / Madrid)
-Added Optimizations build.prop
# Google DNS Tweak
# Save battery
# Faster video streaming
# Render UI With GPU
# Device will boot faster
# Touch screen Increase
# Force launcher into memory

-Added ROOT access.
-Added APEX launcher and removed the TOS.
-Added Flash ROM (mirek190) .json for the application of FLASH. To Flash only part of Android, not touching Windows.

I used the tool  Mirek mirek190_flash_tool_x98_pro_v1.1.7z
I used the clean mode 2 option and has worked for me at first, Flased in 5 minutes.

Now Android is far better and very good battery duration.

– Install Drivers and Application FlashTool if you have not done.
– ISocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.2.0.exe
– IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.10.0.exe (Last controller Intel)
– PhoneFlashTool_5.3.2.0_win32.exe -> If you want to use MFT to the json file to flash (optional)

-Descomprimir ROM file.
– Turn on the Tablet in DNX mode – press [power, VOL +, VOL-] while maintaining until you see the label DNX

Important not to errors in the DNX mode.
– Disable the dual-boot menu to boot Android.
– Start Android.
– Turn off the tablet

Methods to Flash:
1- With the program PhoneFlashTool
-Run The program as an administrator.
-Load File Flash ROM (mirek190) .json, leave the default settings Flash ROM.
-Connect The USB cable to the PC and the Tablet microUSB cable.
-Ensure That the PC recognizes the Tablet.

Start to Flash

2-With the Tool Flash Mirek (It’s the one I used myself)
-decompressed The file.
-copy The content of the ROM once decompressed in the rom folder of the tool.
-Connect The USB cable to the PC and the cable microusb the tablet.
-Ensure That the PC recognizes the tablet.

Run – FLASHER_v1.1 – (- just_press_twice -). Bat

Link’s Download:

Here: Drivers
ROM_X16PRO_V1.00_20160228_ES:  Spanish version
ROM_X16PRO_V1.00_20160228_EN:  English version
Check here:  Flash tool

Download Teclast X16 Plus ROM

Right now Teclast X16 Pro tablet pc is in flash sale, and Teclast X16 Plus is in flash sale at $132.



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