Tencent Black Shark 3 Review: Snapdragon 865, Best Gaming Phone


Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 was officially released online. This Tencent Black Shark 3 Gaming Phone is the world’s first 5G game phone created by Black Shark Technology in conjunction with Tencent Games and Xiaomi. Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro, all equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon 865 processor, 5G SA / NSA dual-mode support, WiFi6 support, all-in-one gaming screen, 65W dual-battery fast flash charge, 64MP AI three cameras, equipped with a new JOYUI 11 operating system based on MIUI 11.

The mobile phone manufacturers and mobile game industry leaders have joined forces to make layer-by-layer optimizations on popular mobile games, design game functions from the perspective of players, and upgrade the original hardware advantages to create this perfect Tencent Black Shark 3.

Tencent Black Shark 3 Design & Appearance

The packaging of the Tencent Black Shark 3 is still as hard as ever, with a pure black appearance and looming lines, the silver LOGO is printed in the middle, and the Hi-Res LOGO is printed on the side. Taking out the body, you can see that the texture design on the back of the phone is exactly the same as the front of the box.

At the bottom of the back, there is a magnetic charging port, which can prevent the hands from being blocked during charging. Three camera modules arranged in a triangle shape at the top. At the top is a microphone opening. The back of the Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 is absolutely symmetrical, and it maintains a consistent feel no matter what direction it is held in.

On the front of the mobile phone, there is no pursuit of the ultimate screen ratio. A certain width of the frame is left and right. The perfect screen design has no traces of digging holes, water drops, or notch. Close-up on the top, you can see the speaker + handset and front camera.


The close-up of the chin is completely symmetrical. Similar to the top, a speaker is placed. The dual speakers have better sound effects, and they are not set on the side to avoid blocking the sound in the holding state. At the bottom are a Type-C connector and a microphone opening.

At the top, the classic 3.5mm headphone jack is finally back. The position of the noise reduction microphone, as mentioned earlier, is placed above the rear camera module, so the top cannot be seen. On the left, the SIM card slot can be used to insert two Nano-SIM cards; there is also a volume button.

On the right, near the top is the power button, and near the bottom is the game button. You can switch between the dedicated game space and the normal system by turning the game button. Included accessories, a transparent silicone case, charger, and power cord. The charger supports a maximum of 66W fast charge, but the Tencent Black Shark 3 uses a 65W fast charge specification.

Tencent Black Shark 3 Hardware & Performance

As a gaming phone, you don’t need to worry too much about the performance of Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3. Snapdragon 865’s flagship configuration, coupled with its excellent three-layer liquid-cooled heat dissipation, compared to general mobile phones, gaming mobile phones are more aggressive in hardware scheduling, and their performance will be slightly ahead. Next, let’s take a look at the powerful performance of Tencent’s Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 by running a comparison between the running software and the actual game.

1.Master Lu

As a cross-platform performance testing software, Master Lu can use quantified scores to show the performance of mobile phone CPU, GPU, memory, and flash memory, and show them in the form of rankings and total scores, even small white users can easily understand.


Geekbench 4 is a cross-platform CPU performance test software. It tests the single-core and multi-core performance of mobile phones and evaluates the performance according to four categories: integer performance, floating-point performance, encryption performance, and memory performance. The score is used to judge CPU performance.

This time I also increased the score of Geekbench 5. Compared with the 4th generation, memory performance is no longer used as an evaluation standard. Its weight is incorporated into the integer performance that affects the overall performance. Strong performance.


AndroBech is a mobile phone memory performance testing software, which can test the mobile phone’s continuous read and write random read and write, and database performance. It has great reference significance for the type and performance of mobile phone flash memory.


GFXbench is a cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmarking software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device’s GPU. Multiple test scenarios can fully investigate the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the device and can perform battery life tests.

GFXBench provides two test comparison methods: OnScreen and OffScreen. When the screen is running, the test is run at the native resolution of the device screen. When the screen is off, it is unified to 1080p resolution, which is convenient for cross-device comparison.

There are six main test items: T-Rex, Manhattan 3.0, Manhattan 3.1, and Car Chase, which correspond to the performance under the OpenGL ES 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.1 standards. There are also newly added Aztec ruins Vulkan off-screen and Aztec ruins OpenGL off-screen. The test pressure is getting higher and higher, and the result is measured by the average frame rate (FPS).

From the results of the running scores, the performance of the Tencent Black Shark gaming phone 3 in terms of CPU and GPU is in line with the improvement level of Snapdragon 865, and the flash memory performance is the standard UFS 3.0 score; Master Lu ’s score is improved because it is a comprehensive score The magnitude is larger. Easily surpassed last year’s Snapdragon 855+ flagship.

Game performance test

In terms of game testing, I selected 5 popular online games and tested their frame performance. The specific games are: “Breakdown 3”, “Glory of the King”, “Crossfire”, “Peace Elite” and “Ace Fighter”. All games are set to the highest quality, play and watch the frame number change.

Of the five games, only “Ace Fighter” supports the 90Hz refresh rate mode. However, due to its game design, the number of frames will be locked to about 45 frames when killed, so the average value calculated in the figure is wrong, and the actual performance should be 80 —Between 90FPS. Due to game design reasons, some interfaces in “Ace Fighter” do not support 90Hz, resulting in a low average value.

Thermal performance test

While testing the performance of 5 game frames, the author also recorded the temperature change. Let’s take a look at the thermal performance of the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3.

In the game, the most serious temperature rise is “Peace Elite”. This is because in ultra-high-definition quality, the limit frame rate and anti-aliasing are turned on at the same time, which causes a large load. However, according to the statistics of the number of frames, the high temperature has not affected the number of frames of the game. That is to say, the heat dissipation specifications of the Tencent Black Shark gaming phone 3 are sufficient to ensure that it runs under high load and emits heat in a timely manner in case of a large amount of heat and avoids it. Frequency reduction.

At the same time, the author tested the surface temperature of the Tencent Black Shark 3 mobile phone body after playing “Peace Elite”. Most of the heat is discharged through the metal middle frame and the metal backplate on the back. The glass has poor thermal conductivity and low temperature. To a certain soaking effect. The highest temperature appears on the back of the decorative metal, which is 40.4 ° C.

Tencent Black Shark 3 Battery

Tencent Black Shark 3 is equipped with a 4720mAh battery, which guarantees that its battery life is still at the flagship level under the premise of having a Snapdragon 865, 90Hz high-screen display, and RGB lighting effects. The 65W super fast charge used in this upgrade guarantees Tencent Black Shark Gaming Mobile Phone 3, while all the performance and firepower in the game are fully turned on, the power can still be recharged at a high speed. Let’s pass the actual test and see how it performs.

Video endurance test

We chose the software bilibili to play online videos to test video endurance. We chose an online video to play at 1080P resolution, with a brightness setting of 100% and a volume setting of 60%, to record changes in power. The video is played for half an hour and consumes 6% of the power. The estimated battery life is about 8.3 hours.

Game endurance test

It is still the five games tested before. With the highest picture quality and full-frame operation and the support of the 90Hz high-swipe screen, the power consumption of Tencent Black Shark 3 is quite high when running these games. Average battery discharge current during five gaming tests

According to calculations, the theoretical battery life of the five games under test conditions. Because the highest picture quality that can be played by different games is different, the power consumption is also different. Tencent Black Shark 3 In the test of five games, “Crossing Fire: King of Gunfight” has the best battery life, 7.13 hours, and “Peace Elite” has a poor battery life, 3.12 hours.

For gaming phones, no matter what games you have to be able to run at full frame with high image quality, games with more configuration power consumption are faster and unavoidable, but Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 has the help of 65W super fast charge this time. Whether it is charging while playing, or directly charging the screen when the battery is low, the speed is very fast.

Charging curve test

Not only the peak charging power of 65W, but the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3’s also charging capacity in the first 10 minutes is better than similar phones with similar fast-charging power. In less than 40 minutes, you can charge the battery from 3% to 99%. This speed can be said to meet your gaming needs throughout the day.

The fast charge will increase the heat of the phone at the same time, but I tested the temperature. Similar to the heating situation during gaming, the heat dissipation of Tencent Black Shark 3 is also mainly completed by two metal decorations on the back and a metal middle frame during charging. Heat is concentrated in these areas. During charging, the highest temperature recorded was 37.1 ° C. As charging completes, the temperature here will drop rapidly.


As a gaming phone, camera performance is arguably the least important parameter for players. However, the Tencent Black Shark 3 is not ready for the rear camera stack. The 64-megapixel main camera uses the popular CMOS of the middle and high-end last year, GW 1, and it can shoot through the pixel 4-in-1 algorithm. A good 16-megapixel photo. In addition, there is a blessing of a 13 million wide-angle lens to unlock a wider perspective for your daily shooting.

With the help of the 64-megapixel GW1, the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 has a good imaging effect during the day. The size of the photos produced by 256M composite is very amazing. A single image will be about 80M, which can be said to be a killer of full storage space. From the perspective of user experience and imaging quality, the 256M synthesis function is more like an entertainment-based extra function, which does not actually improve your daily photos.

At night, the performance of Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 is also a test of the stability of your arm due to the absence of optical image stabilization. Multiple exposures in night mode can effectively suppress highlights and brighten shadows. Even when facing the street lights, there were no big halos or ghosts, which shows that Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 has worked hard on the lens and is worthy of praise.

In general, the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 as a gaming phone has such pleasant image quality. GW1 as the main camera. The hardware foundation is sufficient, in good weather conditions. The film quality is commendable. However, the performance of the night mode needs to be optimized.


As a gaming phone, precise control is naturally the top priority. The Black Shark naturally made a lot of preparations for this.

First of all, it is an excellent gaming screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a screen sampling rate of up to 270Hz. The game touch of Tencent Black Shark 3 can be said to be quite smooth and accurate. The response time is shorter at high sampling rates, and the aiming and moving are smoother at high refresh rates. Which will undoubtedly improve your game level.

Of course, you do n’t have to worry about increasing power consumption. The smart detection of Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 will automatically enable the 90Hz refresh rate in the supporting scenes. Ensuring that you will not lose your battery crazy while you have the best experience

On top of this, a very useful screen pressure sensing technology is added. Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 uses the latest screen pressure 3.0. The area is enlarged by 100%, which is basically close to the full-screen pressure sensitivity. The number of pressure-sensitive levels increased on the software meets the needs of high-end players for pressure-sensitive pressure. Coupled with the horizontal linear motor and screen pressure sensitivity, while increasing the control dimension.

All the games on the phone will be displayed in the game space. You can customize any game, including performance mode, display effect, touch sensitivity, audio, network, etc.

Tencent Black Shark Mobile 3 also provides a very useful Black Shark Moment feature. Which automatically records your wonderful performance in the game. Ensuring that every Tianxiu operation can be clearly recorded.


In the past, people always thought that gaming phones should be beasts of performance. But in fact, not only gaming phones but most Android models using the same platform. It is difficult to have a very obvious gap in performance. This urges game mobile phone manufacturers to start from the user. Not go to the light hardware stacking luxury hardware specifications. But also consider the player’s needs, players’ feelings, and make targeted functions.

With 90Hz high refresh rate + 270Hz strongest touch sampling rate and upgraded screen pressure sensitivity 3.0. Tencent Black Shark gaming phone not only achieves the industry’s strongest touch accuracy but also doubles the control dimension. Needless to say, the benefits of a more responsive and faster screen. With the combination of pressure and even voice control.

Finally, let’s talk about externality. The appearance design of the Tencent Black Shark 3 embodies the supreme design aesthetics of the game. It is not necessary to have RGB for lighting effects but to exaggerate the shape in order to be cool. From the layout of its dual speakers, the layout of the phone screen. The back, and the location of the microphone. It is all about serving the best posture for holding with both hands during gaming.

At present. The homogenization of mobile phones, especially mobile phones with this special feature, is often very serious. If you want to kill a bloodstream. Hardware manufacturers abandon the idea of ​​lone rangers and cooperate with game manufacturers is an option. Make your own mobile phone more and more characteristic, let users use mobile phones to play manufacturers’ games handier. The player’s must-have costume, Tencent Black Shark 3 Gaming Phone, is the best proof of this win-win choice.

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