Tencent PQ708 QQWatch Flash Sale at @CAFAGO


This Tencent PQ708 QQWatch keeps families connected in the way they want to be without the need to buy a young child a smartphone.With the QQWATCH companion app.They can set up the device, add the contacts, manage Safe Zones, send text messages, track their child’s location, and call their child from the app.


The Tencent PQ708 QQWatch appears to come in a couple design flavors, IP65 water-resistant, cute and exquisite workmanship, light and tough, smooth and soft touch, premium feel. sport a 1.22 inch 240×240 display, high light transmittance and color saturation, quite sensitive capacitive touch screen. In addition, it has a dedicated SOS button, nodding toward the safety features commonly found on kids’ wearables.


The Tencent PQ708 QQWatch comes with a Mediatek Processor MTK6260D, 32MB storage, quick reaction, high efficiency of data processing.


Add up to 5 families and 16 friends on the app, automatically synchronize contact list. Stay connected to your child with two–way voice calling. Track your child’s precise location in real time. With Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM, parents can open the app and view their child’s location at any time. You can send a text or voice message to your child’s QQ watch when you want to quickly communicate without calling. Set up safety zones for your child on the app, like a daycare center, home, or school. The watch will send notifications to family members if it detects your child crosses geo-fence boundaries. In case of emergency, child can press and hold the button on the bottom of the watch, the emergency mode will be activated. The watch will automatically call the watch administrator and send an SOS text message to all family members. such as remote control, alarm, pedometer, weather, class mode, family group chat, etc. Unlimited two-way conversation and communication, it will be one of your best friends.


Tencent PQ708 QQWatch is designed for those parents who care about their children and who want them to be secure all the time. This Tencent QQ Watch is smartphone, a watch, a gps device, a camera and lots of other things which Tencent QQ Watch can do for you. you can buy From CAFAGO at $78.03 in Flash Sale.


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