Tenker GP90 Portable Movie Projector with 3200 Lumen & 1280×800 Native Resolution, For Just $129.99 (Coupon inside)


Looking for a projector? Various kinds of projectors are available in the market. Before you plan to buy the one for you, you should be clear about your needs. Whether you need it just for movies or games, or an alternative to TV or you are going to use it for business purposes. If you are into traveling a lot, you may be searching for small pocket-sized or mid-size portable one? If you are going to use it for classroom or offices, you may wish to have a stationary one. The TENKER GP90 Projector is an excellent home theater projector. The picture quality is bright, clear, and crisp. It is a 3200 lumens LED projector, so it looks amazing in a low lighted room. In a dark room, the colors really pop. You aren’t going to achieve the maximum visual capabilities in a brightly lit room.

The LED lamp inside should hold 20,000 hours according to the manufacturer, which corresponds to a good middle class. With its weight of 2.2 kilograms and its dimensions of 28 x 22 x 10.5 centimeters, the portable projector is indeed easy to store and also to carry well, although there are also much lighter models. It wonders, however, why it is portable because the manufacturer specifically does not recommend the device for PowerPoint and business presentations – actually the main reason for such a projector. Depending on the distance from the screen, the image size is between 35 and 280 inches, between 2.5 and 6 meters distance bring according to Tenker the best results. For the good sound, the TENKER Projector has SRS sound on board.

You can easily connect it with your other devices like PC, Laptop, USB, Smartphone, tablet etc. But please note that to connect it to the smartphone or tablet, you will require a Wi-Fi display dongle. It has an In-built speaker with SRS Sound Technology, that provides great sound quality and you don’t need to buy additional speakers. It comes with 3 years of warranty so you can enjoy it without worrying about any malfunction. It provides lamp life of 20,000 hrs. It has 1.07 billion colors which provide brilliant quality images. You can also mount it on the ceiling. The projector is not recommended for PPT or business presentations.

TENKER Projector has a particularly affordable fitted fan, with a maximum of 32 DB according to the manufacturer. This is not exactly whispered mode, but a good value. The TENKER Projector can be stronger in the connection possibilities, here the manufacturer has made the device suitable for all possible uses. It has two USB ports, one HDMI port, a VGA port, an AV port and an audio port. So is the projector for both your use as a home theater suitable, but can also be connected to a console and used for playing with a big picture. Even with the smartphone, the TENKER Projector can be connected – but only with additional effort. This requires a wifi dongle, which is not included in the delivery.

This Tenker GP90 Projector is specially built for the movie or home entertainment purpose. It has a native display resolution of 1280×800 pixels and supports 1080p videos. The brightness of this projector is quite good and it has a luminous efficiency of 3200 lumens. You can buy it at $129.99 if you use Discount Coupon Code: 8AW64YU2 Before 2018.01.31, Expiration Date and Time of Coupon Code: 2018.01.31.


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