Tesla’s Cyberphone Concept Inspired by Cybertruck Design


Tesla is distinguished by being currently one of the most innovative companies in the automotive industry. Because of this, they have been prey to criticism for their latest release in which they showed a pick-up truck with a fairly polygonal design and that some think is outdated. It is a fact that Elon Musk does not care much since there will be a reason for the design to be like this and there are even those who believe that it is a design prepared for another world.

Anyway, with all the attention on the net, the idea came up in the smartphone designer Jonas Daehnert to create a device inspired by the shape of the Cybertruck and so the Cyberphone was born in the form of a render.

As you can see this large screen device – which would reach 7 inches – has that feature that goes against the current of what we currently see with smartphones, that is, everything is completely square and does not leave foot to the curvatures we are used to.

Even this design would allow the protection of the main chamber since to be placed on the table we would have a slight lift that would prevent the contact of the sensors with the surface. The colors, in the same way are as serious as possible as in the electric pick up, leaving aside once again the current trend of color gradients.

In conclusion, we find a device of the most original, incomparable to another similar. Taking into account the real market offer, we can find similarities with Razer phones, popular for their extravagant designs on the chassis.

Remember that, far from being a real proposal, the Tesla Cyberphone is nothing more than render and it is unknown if Tesla, at some point, will end up surprising us with its first line of smartphones. Hopefully, someone will resume the design of Jonas. What do you think about this concept? It is always good to know your opinion. I wait for you in the comment box.

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