The 7 Best Ways To Spy On Your Cheating Spouse


Are you worried about your spouse cheating on you? Do you think they have been keeping to themselves a lot lately? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. There are a lot of times when people feel suspicious of their spouses.

Due to technological advancement, it has become quite easy to put all your worries to rest. So, if you are looking for ways to spy on your cheating spouse, below are the best 7 ways to do so.

Watch their phone habits

Phone habits say a lot about a person. People who are overly protective of their cell phones often have something to hide. Therefore, the first step to spying on your cheating spouse is to watch their phone habits.

Ask yourself the questions given below if you are suspicious of your spouse:

  • Do they always take their phones with them wherever they go?
  • Do they get nervous or anxious when someone else is using their phone?
  • Do they seldom/never leave their phone alone?
  • Do they keep their phone on DND when you are around?

Google Chrome password hack

The ideal thing to do would be to figure out your spouse’s phone password. However, that may be difficult if your spouse is taking extra care to hide something. So, instead of that, you can try to ask for your spouse’s computer password or find it out by peeking in,

Most people have their accounts logged in on their Google Chrome. Thus, you can always get a list of passwords and other information via your spouse’s Google Chrome. Moreover, having access to someone’s Gmail means you also have access to their other accounts which are connected to their Gmail.

Install Keyloggers

Keyloggers are one of those software that you can use to spy on your spouse. The software allows you to look at everything that your spouse is doing on their computer. All you will need to do is download the software on the target computer and the rest you can leave to that.

The app operates in the background of the computer and thus, there is no risk of the user finding out about it. The software allows you to view messages, emails, voice recording, etc. Moreover, you can also spy on your spouse in real-time via their computer camera.

Use a spyware app

A spyware app does the same job as keyloggers, except these are used for phones instead of laptops. All you will need to do is download the spyware app, such as Spy Tracker, on the target device. That is all you need to do and the app will access all the information from the cell phone and store.

Most of these apps store the information on the account you make on these apps. Thus, you can get this information whenever and wherever you are via your device. Moreover, if you are looking to spy on specific apps, all you need to do is ask Google. For instance, you can type “Spy on iPhone for free” and get a list of apps that can help you out.

Keep an eye on their movements

Google itself has certain features that can let you track your partner’s movement. Aside from that, you can use Snapchat’s location updates to track someone’s movement as well. There are different spying apps, such as KidsGuard Pro, that allow you to view someone’s real-time location as well as location history.

Keeping an eye on your spouse’s movement will let you know whether they are lying to you about going somewhere or not. Moreover, if you are using a spying app, you will get an insight into all their previous locations via which you can double-check any previous suspicions.

Do not forget their trash folders

While you are spying on your spouse, you should not leave out the trash folder. Many times, people forget about the trash folders entirely and get rid of their suspicions. However,  most cheating spouses hide all their texts, images, and files in their trash folders.

You can look for these folders in their gallery, email, laptop, etc. If you are looking for any deleted messages, you will have to look at their backup folders. Therefore, if you have access to their phone passwords, it can help you out greatly.

Check bank statements

If you have a joint account with your spouse, you can always look through their payments and other financial decisions. Take a look at all the expenses and pay special attention to those that stand out for you. For instance, you can look out for hotel or restaurant bills. Along with that, you can also look for shopping bills.

You must keep in mind that financial infidelity is also a real thing. While your spouse may not be having any physical relationship with someone else, they may be cheating on you financially.

That was all! Now you know how you can spy on your cheating spouse. However, you should always try confronting them about your suspicions and then taking such steps.


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