The best Apple Watch analogs


The Apple Watch has set the standard for modern smartwatches. Buyers loved them for their stylish appearance and the ability to care for their health. However, the device from Apple works only with branded smartphones, but what to do if you want the same functionality in another design or on another platform? 

It’s hard to imagine, but some even support an online casino in indian rupees and other games, which Apple Watch certainly can’t. About how to choose alternatives, we will tell in this article.

How to choose the suitable alternative to the Apple Watch for your purposes

A good alternative does not need to be able to do everything the Apple Watch can do, but it must cope with all the essential tasks for you in its field of work. So before you buy, it’s worth thinking about what you will use it for.

For sports

So, suppose you’re most concerned about sports functionality. In that case, it’s worth paying attention to the heart-rate tracking capabilities, the set of workout programs, and the accuracy of calorie counting. Among the best, Apple Watch analogs offer more physical activity features than the original. For example, many third-party watches have built-in workout programs for different sports.

For health monitoring.

In this case, you need to look at the sensors and indicators in the device. Heartbeat sensors, EKGs, blood oxygen levels, sleep quality tracking, and other essential things Apple’s competitors have already learned to track just as well.

For calls.

There are also watches with a separate SIM card slot that can make calls independently. They can be called full-fledged devices without a smartphone connection. It comes in handy if you go for a walk and don’t want to take your phone with you. Also, to work with applications (especially maps) is worth paying attention to the diagonal display: can you see anything on it?

To simplify everyday life.

If you use your smartwatch to watch notifications and switch tracks, it’s worth paying attention to its battery life capabilities. Does the device know how to connect with wireless headphones, requires a phone, and can it play music on its own?

In the end, let’s remember two more essential features. First, if you are looking for a watch for your iPhone phone, you must ensure that the particular model works with iOS in principle. Usually, you can find this out in the gadget’s description (on the store website or the manufacturer’s official page). Also, you can not forget about battery life – whatever use scenario you choose, a “survivable” device will be much more helpful.

Why are analogs as good as the Apple Watch?

One of the most common reasons to look for a replacement for the Apple Watch Series 5 or others is price. Often competitors provide similar functionality in a device with an unusual design while charging a noticeably lower price tag. In the end, it turns out that it is possible to improve your sleep, monitor your body during physical activity, or use a navigator without a phone for relatively little money.

Regarding the price issue, we can also refer to the watch straps. For its Watch, Apple has developed a unique connector, which does not fit any other device and complicates the life of the creators of non-original parts. However, there are still plenty of unlicensed straps. At the same time, smartwatches from other manufacturers are sometimes even compatible with straps from classic wristwatches.

Also, Apple alternatives work with all phones, not just iPhones. Connecting the Apple Watch to Android smartphones is possible, but only at the cost of many tricks, and a noticeable part of the functionality will be left out. If you still want to use your favorite non-iOS smartphone and smartwatch functionality, there is little choice.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch Series 7 analog for Android, this model from Samsung fits the description perfectly. The device has already been packed with features that will only appear in the newest models from Apple.

For example, the Watch4 has long been able to detect falls and accidents and keep a female calendar. Other functions like:

  • ECG; 
  • blood oxygen ;
  • level monitoring; 
  • physical activity;
  • heart rhythms are also available.

The Samsung gadget doesn’t look like a copy of Apple – it has a round display. There is also a rotating bezel – it simplifies the interaction with the interface and makes the watch’s design more rigorous.

Huawei Watch 3

If you want functionality like the original Apple Watch, which will also be compatible with the iPhone, you should pay attention to models from Huawei. For example, the entire line of Huawei Watches is compatible with devices on iOS version 10 and higher.

The flagship Huawei Watch 3 looks stylish and can track heart rate and blood oxygen levels. In addition to the elegant design, the device has another strong plus: the ability to insert a separate SIM card for battery life. And there is a 450 mAh battery, which can withstand up to 3 days of active work and up to 5-6 days of moderate use.

If such functionality is excessive, you can pay attention to the models Huawei Watch GT Runner and Watch GT 3 Pro, which is designed for sports activities. They are more affordable and do not have a separate SIM card slot. But they have higher-capacity batteries – on a single charge, they can last up to 14 days.

Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu makes an excellent replacement for the Apple Watch Series 6, only more stylish and compatible with Android smartphones. The watch is also much more resilient than the Apple version and can last up to five days without recharging.

Features include heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, inactivity reminders, a women’s calendar, and other popular health and lifestyle features. The only thing missing is ECG, but not all current Apple Watch models have that!

From the notable disadvantages we can mention only the high cost and the classic shape – not everyone can like that the screen is round, not square.

Xiaomi Watch S1 GL

Devices from Xiaomi have always been known for their combination of price and quality, and their smartwatches are no exception. For a reasonably affordable price, the buyer gets a stylish watch in a durable stainless steel case, a standard set of health tracking features, and a battery life of up to 288 hours.

For sports, use heart rate sensors, pedometers, and pulse oximeters, and help the digital compass and navigator when traveling. It is also worth noting the ability to pay via NFC, which works now.

The disadvantages of the device are its modest functionality as a standalone device – for almost all activities, the Watch S1 will require a connection to an iOS or Android smartphone.


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