The Best Domestic Strategies


If you have always loved playing computer games but have never tried domestic strategy games, then the time has come for you to reconsider the decision. Before you start searching for the top 10 medieval games, check the list of the most interesting strategy games we have prepared for you.

There is a diversity of epochs. Some games feature the Stone Age that slowly progresses up until the modern era. Some gaming agencies, on the other hand, prefer designing medieval games and renaissance ones. You can easily find your best domestic strategy game on Insider Games and learn to play it. Or you may check other suggestions in the variety of Xbox One medieval games.

Why Strategies Rock

Strategy games are a perfect option for those who want to improve their decision-making skills in a fun way.

  • The most challenging thing about playing strategically is beating a real person on the other side of the network connection. They are your number one enemy with unpredictable actions and a sharp mind. An emotional tension will only rise with each move you make against the enemy. 
  • Sometimes, strategy games are played in teams. Thus, the player improves their communication skills and teamwork. As you know, these skills are important in our daily lives. 
  • You will learn the art of negotiation and strong decision-making without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you still wonder which strategy games you should start with, check the list of the best domestic strategies below.

The Most Spectacular Domestic Strategy Game

When it comes to breathtaking visuals, Total War: Three Kingdoms wins the competition. Being the creation of Sega and Creative Assembly, the game envisions Chinese ancient history. Total War focuses on times when the power of the Han dynasty disappeared, and the country fell into sixty years of internal wars. 

You can switch between a single-player and multiplayer mode or play a campaign mode. Fighting in the game’s battles will require good strategic thinking and choosing a beneficial tactical position. Depending on the warlord you choose to play, you will get some advantages like more tributaries or upgraded recruitment. 

If you want to have the greatest fun, try the Romance mode where you can play superhuman warlords. Another great option is that players can destroy the retreating troops once they have a cavalry that moves fast. Make your enemy surprised by defeating their higher-rank recruits in one movement! 

The Grandeur of Domestic Strategy Gaming

The grandest of all domestic strategy games is definitely Victoria II. 

Being the best substitute for traditional history classes, the game will teach you the American revolution, industrialization, and the Civil War. The most exciting part is that you will experience all historical changes without inventing a time machine. 

Created by Paradox Development Studio, Victoria II is an excellent simulator of political life. A player must be wise when it comes to introducing reforms to the citizens of the state they have chosen. If you introduce them too quickly, a revolt emerges. If you do it slowly, the economic and military progress decrease. 

Before engaging in the central event, the American Civil War, the player can build a “Sphere of Influence” and improve diplomatic skills by building alliances.

Victoria II is a pretty peaceful game, especially once your economy is well-developed and you no longer need to compete for resources. Battles are the second priority in the game: if you want missions, you should find them yourself.

The Most Competitive Domestic Strategy Game

If one wants to learn the history of Europe, Age of Empires: The Age of Kings is a perfect experience to engage in. The variety of races allows the player to choose the one they like the most, with the fastest horsemen or the infantrymen – the slow units that attack powerfully from a distance. 

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is a game played in real time. The competition usually lasts up to one hour. During the competition, the players build states, improve their military and economies, and destroy the armies of each other.

The campaigns are diverse. In an excellent variety of scenarios, the Art of War is a new campaign that teaches a player new winning techniques. For instance, you will learn how to become economically superior in the beginning and how to build the best weapons in the late gaming phases.

The multiplayer mode is another feature to check. The player can choose between casual multiplayer, private multiplayer, or public multiplayer among the variety of other options. The best feature in the multiplayer mode is the treaty. 

You may prefer boosting the economy at the beginning of the mission. Otherwise, you may easily get startled by the enemies who attack your recently developed buildings. In both cases, check the treaty mode to ensure that no one attacks you.

If you are a fan of single-player modes, think of opting for League of Legions and learning how to play Riven LOL, one of the coolest characters. LOL is perfect for those who like smaller game universes, fantasy narratives, and magical characters.

The Best “Game of Thrones” Simulation

Created by Paradox Development Studio, Crusader Kings III has the brightest characters “packed” in families. It easily competes with the Game of Thrones show. You can “breed” your own characters. Traits are easily passed from one generation to another. 

However, the biology of the game imitates real life. Once you decide to “breed” characters in the dynasty, they become temporarily unavailable for romance. The most exciting thing is that your characters age and change their personalities.

The game includes random moments and unexpected secrets. For instance, the player may find servants in the bedroom secretly destroying their boots or a night pot. You can call the guards or try to understand why the servants don’t like you. 

Crusader Kings III can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes. And you can open the tutorial any time while playing. This is an especially cool feature if you play for the first time.

Final Thoughts

The options are unlimited, but you should consider your unique preferences and goals before deciding what to choose. Whether it’s the grandeur scale of Victoria II or amazing war scenes of Total War: Three Kingdoms, we hope that our guide helped you find the best domestic strategy game.


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