The Best Tools To Improve Your Manufacturing Business


Manufacturing is the backbone of industry and the beginning of the supply chain. When you purchase an item, the manufacturer is responsible for actually creating that product that eventually makes it to your door. If you work in this field, you understand the demands on your time and energy. With so many different industries that you support, you have a lot on your plate. There is also, unfortunately, a lot of opportunity for waste within a factory or warehouse setting. So how can you be sure your manufacturing business is running smoothly and efficiently?

As with anything, the best tools can help you get great results. This is the case with your manufacturing business. From physical tools in the warehouses or factories to software programs that aid your customer satisfaction, there are plenty of things that can help you on your journey toward success. Integration and reading metrics on the backend will help everything run smoothly and allow you to get great products out on time. Put the right tools in the hands of the right people to help your manufacturing business thrive. Here are a few ideas for tools you should invest in.

Configuration Software

Customization has become one of the best practices for customer success. Your consumers don’t just want standard, cookie-cutter products anymore. They have preferences and want to be the project manager of product development. As a manufacturer, you’ll be expected to produce configurable products. One tool to help with these customer needs is by asking the right questions to make these complex products. With ConfigureOne, your business will go through a transformation of the customer journey. Customers will be able to order online and get an immediate price quote for their configurable products. Take the headache and grunt work out of your day and use a dashboard or AI product manager that can give a better customer experience. You can then read the metrics and get a better understanding of how to improve your bottom line and how to make specific products.

Customer Feedback

As a manufacturer, you work with plenty of different individuals and organizations. There’s no way to know how well you’re doing if you never ask. Use Voice of Customer programs to send out surveys to respondents that will give you customer data that you can use for improvement. By listening to the voice of the customer, you’re actually engaging with their journey and helping with customer retention in the long run.

Better Equipment

In the digital age, many of your tools are going to be software programs that help with operational functions. However, physical equipment is also a great tool to help your manufacturing business. You need safe, efficient conveyor belts, packaging equipment, and more to be sure your products are high-quality and durable. Your promoters and retailers are relying on you and your operational data, so the next step may be to update your machines to improve your business.

Workflow Management

Running a manufacturing plant means staying on top of multiple projects and configurations all at once. You can’t do that all alone. Employ workflow management software that can help you meet key results and stay on track to meet your goals. Having one person in charge of daily tasks will help you manage everything efficiently.

Communication Networks

Few business models get an opportunity to relate to so many different customers and customer support systems. Because you are constantly communicating with different buyers and sellers, you need effective communication tools. Cloud-based, integrated communication centers will help you keep everything you need to know in one centralized location. Have your metrics and referrals readily available so you can improve your operations and customer relationships.


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