The Chinese Manufacturer Xiaomi Announced Its Plans to Reveal 3 New Product on February 6


Smartmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, is known for its own range of eco-friendly products designed for the home. And that is how not to remember your foray into the market with the Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat. Today the sub-brand brings us the announcement that this February 6 will be presented 3 products designed to improve our quality of life.

An image published today lets us see a small sample of what the 3 devices will be. It shows 3 boxes with well-known figures on the top of each one. The 1st box is accompanied by a series of waves, so it can be assumed that the device will be a heating device.

In the 2nd box, you can see a series of points. These are a bit harder to read, but experience tells us that it is most likely a humidifier. It seems logical to think that Smartmi wants to get one of these gadgets since the last one launched on the market dates from 2016. That humidifier cost 799 Yuan, so we can expect a very similar price.

The 3rd box is the most enigmatic of the 3. On it is the symbol of a lightning, which suggests that it is a device oriented to electricity. However, there are no more signs that indicate what will be treated, so the latter could be anything that relates to energy.

The official presentation of the new Smartmi products is expected for February 6 at 10:00 Chinese time, so it will not belong to see the new 2018 catalog of the Xiaomi ecological sub-brand.

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