The Design of Xiaomi Mi 12S Series has been Leaked


On the heels of the 9am announcement that the Mi 12S will be released on July 4th, xiaomi has just dropped a bombshell.

The official weibo account has already announced that there will be three cups, including the 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra, and also revealed the appearance of the glass for the first time.

From the figure, these three models should decrease from left to right, among which the two models on the right are obviously consistent with the previous Mi 12 series, corresponding to 12S and 12S Pro models.

MI 12S Ultra has a very distinctive design, with a green plain leather back, but a gold frame.

It is worth mentioning that the golden frame is also the old tradition of Xiaomi, a few years ago there were models used, such as the popular nail house Mi 6, the blue version of the machine with a golden frame, then also caused users to snap up.

In addition to the Mi 6, there is also the Mi Note series, which Xiaomi made a move to the high end years ago, also with gold bezels.

Unlike the mi Note, which was made of aluminum, the Mi 6 is made of stainless steel, which is tougher but heavier.

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The 12S Ultra is also made of aluminum alloy with matte finish and fine CNC chamfering on the keys, which can reduce weight.

Do you remember any other Xiaomi phones with gold bezels?


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