The Last Version of Xiaomi MiJia App Supports Apple iOS 10


Mijia App iOS version yesterday ushered in 8.1.205 version update. The update notes show that this version is the last version to support iOS 10, and the lowest system version supported by subsequent Micha versions is iOS 11.

Mijia App is an intelligent hardware management platform launched by Xiaomi. Through the Mijia App, users can complete the interaction between mobile phones and smart hardware, and realize the interconnection between smart devices.

Igeekphone notes that after version 7.0, the Mijia App will use the intelligent control center of the whole house as the home page, which is convenient to control the whole family’s speakers, lights, etc., and more functions can also be used on the device page.

In December last year, the 8.0 version of Mijia App was officially launched. The home page supports category aggregation, the top multi-batch control can be folded, and the long-press multi-selection device can be used to create batch control and automation. In addition, the notification page information is more comprehensive, you can customize the dynamic location of the whole house; Set page add switch, you can open or close the mall page as required.


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