The main selling point of moti MEGA Pro e-cigarette: Oral and pulmonary (dual suction mode)


The main selling point of the moti MEGA Pro e-cigarette is the dual suction mode

By loading the atomizing projectile into the atomizer on both sides of the forward and backward sides, the force mode (lung suction mode) and soft mode (oral suction mode) can be freely switched.

By the patent MCU frequency conversion chip control recognition.

Under two different suction modes, the corresponding airway, suction resistance and power are automatically matched to meet the taste requirements in different scenarios.

Soft mode to relieve addiction, strong mode surging rich, to achieve the perfect integration of oral suction and light lung suction.

(Dual mode switch at will); Multiple identities, all the real me, sweet and salty, all of them.

It is the perfect integration of product functions and dual modes, and it is also the soul mate who accompanies you all the way in the life role switch.

Oral aspiration: MTL (Mouth to lung)

Suction is divided into two stages: oral – lung

The steam is first inhaled into the mouth, and then inhaled additional air to bring the steam into the lungs. The steam stays in the mouth for a long time, focusing on the taste.

Mouth action:

Step 1: Suck (as if drinking from a straw)

Step 2: Open your mouth slightly and breathe in

Restricted direct lung: RDL (Restricted direct lung)

Restricted aspiration to lung

The steam is inhaled directly into the lungs, but the intensity of the inhalation is controlled, focusing on a richer amount of steam and taste.

Mouth action:

Take a deep breath and inhale the steam

(As if the weather is cold, take a breath) (As if eating spicy food, take a deep breath to cool down and relieve the spicy food)

DTL (Direct to lung)

Suction directly into the lungs

The steam is inhaled directly into the lungs until it is no longer able to breathe in the air. The larger the lung capacity, the more inhalation, focusing on the strong impact of chasing clouds and fog.

Mouth action:

Take a deep breath and inhale the steam.

(Gasp like a cold day)


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