The Maintenance Guide of Vapes You Need to Know


The basics of e-cigarette science

1. For those who have a refrigerator at home, it is recommended to refrigerate the smoke bomb that is not used for the time being (the taste is surprising).

2. The smoke bomb should be placed in a cool place, out of the reach of children and pets, and the smoke rod should not be charged in the high temperature environment that the human body feels uncomfortable.

3. In the process of using e-cigarette, I feel my throat is dry because the main component of e-cigarette oil is Vg, which is vegetable glycerin. Vg is absorbent and can be solved by drinking more water.

4 Hot weather or high temperature will make the smoke bomb high temperature evaporation of oil leakage or oil leakage phenomenon, should avoid placing in direct sunlight or in the hot summer for a long time in the car

5. Long-distance transportation in high temperature weather may also cause oil leakage or oil leakage. First, wipe the smoke bomb with paper towels and then wipe the smoke bomb mouth down several times.

6. When the smoke bomb is used, there is a purring sound or oil entering the mouth. These imaginings remind you that you need to clean up the condensate of the smoke bomb.

7. If you feel that you can’t finish smoking so many bombs within a week, try to open the box as little as possible. If you open the box and smoke a few mouthpieces, put it no matter = oil leakage + oxidation + stale.

8. When charging the smoke rod, be sure to pull out the bomb. Charging will make the smoke rod heat, and the bomb preheating will leak oil or leak oil.

9 smoke rod charging do not use fast charge head! Huawei, Samsung, VIVO, OPPO and other mobile phone charging head are fast charging head! The standard safety power of the smoke rod is generally 5V1A fast charging head charging light overload protection, heavy damage to the motherboard! The charging time of the smoke rod is 30-50 minutes, do not overcharge!

10. When taking aircraft, high-speed rail and other means of transportation, it is necessary to pay attention to the liquid capacity carried by them. Normally, excessive liquid capacity should not be carried (the specific capacity depends on the regulations).

11. Routine maintenance, develop the habit of pulling out the cigarette rod and bomb with paper towels every day, wipe the inner chamber of the cigarette rod with paper towels, and then wipe the contact position between the rear of the bomb and the cigarette rod with paper towels. This can prevent the accumulation of oil by the condensate. Regular maintenance can effectively reduce oil leakage.


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