The myths of online gambling busted 


The online gambling industry is expanding day by day. While people always gambled behind closed doors in preferred circles, the use of online casinos has expanded the horizon of betting beyond the physical world.

The online gambling sector is making gigantic profits every day, which reflects the industry’s growth. While the industry touched the 100 billion mark in the last decade, it is all set to touch $500 billion by 2023. The fivefold growth of the industry in less than a decade hints at the popularity of online gambling. Going online is a reasonable step for casinos because it increases the accessibility of the platform. Especially after the pandemic when businesses have to reinvent their business model to magnify profits, the online mode of gambling is more suitable for casinos.

Online casinos are great for making gambling accessible to people. However, has the new mode of betting taken away the stigma around gambling?

Industry insiders believe that online casinos still have an air of doubt around them.

Online casinos are a pretty new concept of gambling. Because there is money involved and no physical interaction, people speculate a lot about online platforms. Still, people from all around the world participate in gambling. Demographically, 80% of the gamblers are men. Women are usually more careful about money and choose to spend them in other streams. Nevertheless, the number of women in gambling is increasing steadily over the last few years. The gap between male gamblers and female gamblers, however, will not go away sooner. The female gambler population will still increase in the coming years which has been suggested by recent trends the easy availability of many NZ online casinos.

Sports are the most significant segment for online betting. Among the popular sports for online betting, Football is significantly popular. Other sports that see a lot of online betting are basketball, Formula 1 racing, and boxing. Similar to sports, there are a lot of myths and superstitions behind online gambling.

The truth of online gambling 

Below, we will try to address the most common myths related to online casinos. The online gambling industry is a pretty new one, and busting some of the popular assumptions increases beginners’ transparency.

  • Online gambling is illegal-

There is a popular perception regarding online gambling that it is illegal. However, this is a misconception. Online gambling is perfectly legal and regulated by national and international laws. Moreover, online casinos operating in different countries are accountable under their rules. In different countries, an online casino requires a gaming license approved by a licensing authority. Participating in online gambling does not make you a culprit. Online gambling is a leisure activity that is legal and safe to indulge in.

  • Online casinos allow underage gamblers-

A misconception linked with online casinos is that they allow underage people and children to gamble. Since online casinos are under the jurisdiction of law, they do not allow underage participants. Even if you may think that online casinos have loopholes that underage participants can hoodwink, online casinos’ age verification process is solid. The online betting arenas ask for ID proof from a new participant and verify their age before allowing them to participate in online gambling. Online casinos are, therefore, child safe and very ethical in operation.

  • There is no real cash in casinos.

Because there are no physical processes involved, people feel like online casinos have no real money to offer as winnings. However, the truth is that only the mode changes. The experience and winnings provided by online casinos are authentic. Online gamblers compete for real money, and a gambler makes a lot of money on his lucky day.

  • The game freezes just on the brink of winning-

Many players complain that online casinos freeze the game or create glitches just when they are about to win big. This is a false assumption. An excellent online casino has a great algorithm that allows a player to win big. Any glitches experienced during play are the result of a poor network connection. A player with uninterrupted internet has a higher chance of winning than others. The online casino has no inbuilt glitches in its algorithm.

The silver lining of online gambling 

Unlike the myths, the truth is that online casinos are a great medium to play, win and connect with like-minded players. Online gambling is as much a part of the online gaming community as other games.


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