The Newly-Established Kywoo 3D is about to Launch its First Crowdfunding in October 20th


Projects of the 3D printer are always hot on Kickstarter since there is a tremendous group of 3D printing enthusiasts on Kickstarter. Many million-dollar projects were successfully made on Kickstarter before, such as Snapmaker 1.0 and 2.0, and the recent Creality CR-6 SE project. The newly-established 3D printer developing company, Kywoo 3D, will launch its first crowdfunding campaign at 9:00 am in UTC-4 time zone, on 20th October 2020. 

The two founders of Kywoo are both senior engineers with more than 20 years of product developing experience. One of the founders Jack is a major maker who has been playing 3D printer for over ten years. And he leveraged his knowledge to create intelligent robots together with his son to cultivate his son’s keen interest in STEAM. Seeing the excited smile on his son’s face while holding the beloved robot, Jack felt encouraged to pursue his passion further. Afterwards, he designed his first 3D printer and started his rode of 3D printing.

As the first product of Kywoo, Tycoon is expected to have a “DIY Pro” performance. It should have a better experience than the previous “bare bone” 3D printers. And it is suitable for both amateurs and experts. “This is a real ‘plug-and-play’ 3D printer,” said Jack, “only four screws to install and two plugs to connect. You don’t need 5 minutes to install the printer and power it up. Meanwhile, it has an auto-levelling function, ensuring the flatness of the hotbed so that the model can be better printed with high quality.”

Besides the auto-levelling function, Kywoo 3D Tycoon also comes with a linear rail X-axis; which is usually use for high-end enclosed 3D printers, produces less shifted layers on the printed model. Moreover, its dual Z-axis, dual frame-type gantry structure; and patent integrated extruder kit greatly reduce unnecessary motions and enhance printing accuracy.

“Unlike other DIY 3D printers, Tycoon has a beautiful and concise design. No motors and wirings exposed out of the printer, only one cable linking the motor and the printing module; much more convenient for users to maintain the printer. Kywoo 3D supports nine different languages, and has a colour touch screen; to give users the best user experience under an affordable price,” stated the other founder, Jeff.

As a start-up company, Kywoo needs support from the end-users and market. Meanwhile, Kywoo 3D wants to build and maintain its user community; at the beginning and needs more feedback and advice to improve the printer continuously. Kickstarter backers will enjoy lifetime product firmware refinement, preferred price, and early access to product delivery. Subscribe to get alerts of the update on this Kickstarter project.

About Kywoo

Kywoo is dedicated to the research and development, production, and sale of high-precision; intelligent 3D printers, 3D printing-related accessories, as well as maker-related products. In addition, Kywoo also provides 3D printer ODM and OEM services for clients in need.


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