The Next Generation of iPhone slot Machines


It has been quite some time since I last played slot machines on my iPhone, in fact it was many years ago on a now somewhat outdated model I owned way back then.

Being fully aware that times have changed, much more so in regards to mobile slots, and being as those slots I did play many moons ago were basic in their design, I set about doing some research on today’s best iPhone slots available to play online for free or real money, those being the ones that players tend to make a beeline to playing.

I was certainly impressed by what I discovered, for there have been some major changes in the design of mobile slots since I last played them, and as such below I will enlighten you on what you can expect if you choose to give some of those slot games a whirl.

Fully Themed and Enveloping iPhone Slots

The first slots I ever played on my iPhone were classic slots, simple three reel single pay line slots. However, things have certainly changed and the ones you will now find available boast all manner of unique playing structures.

As for the most popular and most played real money iPhone slots, well they are without a shadow of a doubt video slots. Those games tend to offer five video reels and a multitude of pay lines. In fact, I did come across some which were designed in such a way that tens of thousands of ways to win would come into play on each spin played off.

However, what does make playing video slots on an iPhone something many people do tend to do regularly, is that they offer the chance of winning big, not only via their base game but via the many unique bonus games that can be triggered as they are being played.

Wheel spinning bonus games, pick and match or pick and win bonus rounds are on offer on many such slots, however, most tend to offer players the chance of being awarded with a set of what are known as free spins.

Once triggered players get to play off a set number of spins at no cost and could win way more than they could be awarded via the base game thanks due to additional features such as multipliers, additional wild symbols and on some slots increased pay lines too.

What I would strongly advise you to do however is to spend a little bit of time studying the pay tables of any slots that you like the look of, for that way even if a slot boasts a theme you like the look of you will be able to discover just what you could win or trigger via a bonus game when studying the pay table of any slot.

Also, and this is important, to ensure you get the maximum chances of winning or getting more of you stake money back as winning payouts, be aware each iPhone compatible slot will come with its own long term expected payout percentage.

The higher that payout percentage is, the better, so be on the lookout for the many slots that have been designed to return to players 97% of their stake or higher as winning payouts over their long term play.

Test Drive Android Slots at No Risk

One thing I would strongly advise you to do, if you do get the urge to set about playing slots on your iPhone is to first find a mobile casino site or casino app that offers not only a large and diverse range of them, but also one that allows you to access demo mode versions of each slot they have on offer.

By initially playing free iPhone slots you can then get used to the unique way each of them plays and pay and will of course be able to see for yourself and at first hand too which ones you enjoyed playing the most but in a no risk type of way.

You will always then have the option to switch over to playing in a real money playing environment and will then additionally have access to bonuses and comps much like you would when playing in a land based casino.


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