The Positive and Negative Impact of Gadgets on Students’ Mental Health


In the digital age, gadgets are an indispensable part of people’s lifestyle, including children and teenagers. From an early age, kids are exposed to the latest technology including smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops, and TV. Research suggests that children and teens aged 7-18 spend one-third of their day surfing the web, playing video games, listening to music, and watching TV. The time spent on their smartphone on a daily basis exceeds 8 hours.

In the context of these statistics, it’s important to delineate the role that gadgets play in a child or young adult’s mental and emotional health. While some parents and teachers consider gadgets to be a source of distraction, the vast majority of scientists agree that high-tech devices can have a positive impact on young people, both mentally and emotionally.

Here is a breakdown of the positive and negative impact of various gadgets on students’ mental and emotional health.

  1. The Proven Positive Impact of Gadgets on Students’ Cognitive Abilities and Emotional Well-Being

Enhancing Students’ Engagement and Academic Performance

According to a recent survey conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton in England, more than 95% of college professors and tutors believe that technologically advanced devices significantly enhance students’ engagement in their lectures. Furthermore, the use of gadgets enables lectures to be a lot more interactive and dynamic, and at once stimulate discussions and debates in the classroom.

In addition, gadgets provide teachers with valuable feedback on their students’ academic experience and progress. The results of this survey suggest that high-tech devices can have a powerfully positive impact on students’ cognitive abilities, academic performance, and engagement in lectures.

Boosting Students’ Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Another notable positive effect of using gadgets is helping to foster students’ creative potential. By enhancing children’s creativity and expanding their horizons, technology thus plays a key role in their development and future careers. For high school and college students who have part-time jobs, gadgets can also take the hassle out of multitasking, enabling them to balance their academic assignments and work schedule.

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2. The Potential Negative Impact of Gadgets on Students’ Mental and Emotional Health

While the positive effects of technology far exceed their potential negative effects on children and teenagers, it’s worth noting that excessive use of gadgets, especially video games, can be a source of distraction. Many parents worry that gadgets can distract their children from completing their academic assignments. One way to mitigate this potential adverse effect is to establish firm rules in terms of technology use ( e.g. homework comes first, gadgets come second).

Another possible negative effect of technology on students involves the potential of cyber-bullying. In recent years, social networks have become the place where students experience some sort of bullying or harassment online. Additionally, excessive use of technology might have a detrimental impact on a child or teen’s direct communication abilities. In today’s digital age, a proper balance between face-to-face communication and virtual communication is imperative.

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