The Smoke Inhaled More Health: Xiaomi Beauty and Electronic Cigarettes New Feature is 0 Calories


Many of my friends are worried about smoking cessation, electronic cigarette at hand is countless, not only expensive but also what is not. But now, you may try this, a few days ago, Xiaomi crowd raised shelves, “A & D beauty and electronic cigarettes,” known as a collagen can absorb the stick, can ease the lonely mouth, but also beauty.

Technically, this electronic cigarette uses international atomization technology, automatic air control intelligent induction, When the user sucks when the light will automatically light up work, when not in use will automatically stop working. The official said the biggest new feature is 0 calories, Contains collagen, vitamin C / A / B6 / E / B12, coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients beneficial to the body daily supplement for the human body Trace elements.

Interestingly, the new design is exquisite Modeling, the electronic cigarette 12 cm long, 1 cm in diameter, stainless steel, with the matte texture, and with different Macaron color.It should be noted that this electronic cigarette is a one-time product, can not be replaced parts and nutrient solution, inhalation number up to 500.

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Xiaomi beauty and electronic cigarettes crowd to raise the price of 199 yuan ($30.05), In addition, in order to meet the taste preferences of different consumers, this e-cigarette offers apple, mint, grapefruit, vanilla 4 flavors., the user can choose their own taste. So what do you think of this “electronic cigarettes”?

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