The square Cameras of the iPhone 11 is further confirmed: the A13 processor is the fastest


In a new report, Bloomberg made a new look at the new iPhone this fall. I wonder if this will increase your expectations or disappointment?

1. The new three iPhones and the current models are still similar, but the three-lens and dual-lens will be placed on the square module.

2. The iterative products of iPhone XS and Max will become thicker, increasing by about 0.5mm.

3. The new one added to the three-lens product will be responsible for the super wide-angle, and the dual-lens (XR iterative product) adds a multi-lens zoom lens.

The picture shows the rendering of iPhone XI by Onleaks, which is widely circulated.

4, the three iPhones are based on the A13 processor, Apple design, TSMC foundry, trial production in April this year, the fastest mass production this month.

5, three new iPhones have wireless reverse charging function, you can charge the AirPods equipped with a wireless charging box, just touch the back of the phone.

6, Apple will add “automatic correction” function, you can make up for people who accidentally missed the photo.

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