Move over Xiaomi Mi Band 2 here comes the Teclast H10, Virtually identical at a third of the price


The smart bracelet is quite a lucrative market, that is of course if you have the right product . We saw that with the release of Xiaomi Mi Band 2, and its currently in short supply. Have we got good news for you guys,meet the new Teclast H10 Virtually identical in functions and appearance to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 but at $14.99 , its only a third of the price.You may or may not be aware ,but the Teclast brand is more famous for their Tablets, but that is about to change.The Teclast H10 comes with an 0.86 inch OLED display with sensitive touch key operating method and also supports gesture wake.

The OLED display makes it extremely easy to see the screen whether in day or night. The device comes with all the functions you could hope for for example, a Pedometer, Sleep monitor,  Sedentary reminder and stores all this data, it even reminds you when a break is needed.remind you to have a rest. It also push Wechat and QQ messages and supports both android an Iphone. Untitled-5Once paired with your device the Teclast H10 also supports Call / SMS reminder, so when working out the device will will give a reminder via vibration, it also supports also syncing to show caller ID and phone book name. It comes with a 2-way anti-lost function that will chime and vibrate when you are out of range. Untitled-2It comes with a soft strap , similar in design to the Xiaomi miBand 2. It comes with the guarantee of being life proof to water and dust, that means you can wash your hands or shower while still wearing the Teclast H10.The Teclast H10 is definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a smart bracelet, especially now the shortage of Xiaomi Mi Band3 is making the cost of that device skyrocket. I would say that’s a great reasonUntitled-3



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