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Audiovisual works are the universe, with many fields of action and creation. It seems that the more we know, the more we have to know, right? And to provide direction among so many fields, something that helps a lot is paying attention to market trends! Knowing what’s on the rise, you can focus and not waste time on investments that won’t add to your career.

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This has become a major trend in 2018 as a reflection of the increasing use of smart phones. People spend more time consuming content on their cell phones than on computers, that’s very clear. This new way of consuming content is reflected in the new way of producing it too and who is paying attention to this trend and focusing on this type of work, will definitely be highlighted this year.

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The limited platform that sends certain content has grown rapidly. This type of work supports the creation and diffusion of different audiovisual production. An example of this is a lot of drama production, online gaming guides and even science fiction, running away from classic comedy or novels that have appeared in Multishow and Netflix. Another one of these platforms is YouTube Premium and if you work with it, man, watch it! It is necessary to do a free test that people are available to know how it works, to tell and who knows, to produce special content in that trace.

So, have you ever considered this market trend? This trend requires tools to download YouTube playlists and transfer videos to mobile devices. Below are 3 YouTube download tools that are useful for downloading playlists that are working today.

  1. Any Video Converter: Any Video Converter is software available for Windows and Mac OS that allows to download videos from various sites, including YouTube. Users can save movies in various formats, sorted according to those used in the main manufacturer’s devices. With a very modern and up-to-date display, the complete series of tools offers as soon as the download is complete.You can delete the original audio from a video or partial overlay, for example. AVC also allows you to add subtitles and reduce movie size. In addition to these functions, programs still have intuitive features to change crop areas, add effects (such as pixels and cartoons), change brightness, contrast and saturation, and also enter watermarks or videos downloaded.2. Online Video Converter: Simple and easy to use, Online Video Converter is a good choice for those who prefer to save videos to a computer. To use it, just copy the link taken from YouTube and enter it on the main page. Then just select the video format – you can also download audio only in MP3 format! – and click the download button.

    Online Video Converter is not limited to YouTube.

    This means you can download videos from various other sites, including social media like Facebook or Instagram. In addition, you can also download more sites specifically on subjects such as Game Trailers for games and Teacher Tube for education.


iTube Studio helps you download videos, make small editions, convert, and process further. Let’s look at practical reviews from iTube Studio HD. The software offers the possibility of downloading videos from any website; Sites like YouTube, Dailymotion or almost all other pages containing video clips will not reject iTube Studio because it is compatible with more than 10,000 portals.

Made specifically for YouTube:

Everyone knows, downloading YouTube videos on your Smartphone is very troublesome. Therefore, we recommend downloading it on a computer and transferring it to your cell phone. Suppose you have to download playlist from YouTube, then don’t worries, iTubes protect you? With one click, you can download videos of the quality you need. This the most complete YouTube download tool ever.


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