The title for which sports are the most adored in America other than football is still up for grabs. Many attribute the title to Basketball and the NBA. Pro hoops are one of the most preferred sports to bet on among all. Betting on Basketball is legal in most states, and the numbers are growing each day. When one goes for wages on platforms like Sportsbet for NBA betting, they are playing their chances to win.

NBA Betting: Sportsbooks and Betting Apps:

Live in Australia and want to bet on an NBA in the US? There are several options. One can wager online via a sportsbook. Nearly 80% of the NBA wagers come online, and this number will only increase in the coming years.

Why is this practice preferred? Because betting online is convenient and simple. With an app, one can bet anywhere. From the comfort of one’s home or while travelling, one can place bets anytime, anywhere.

One can do it via computers and smartphones. The apps are compatible with Android and iOS versions. Betting on the phone is more comfortable and preferred by many as it is the most accessible.

A sportsbook offers a whole other experience. People make bets before they watch a game and then wait to see how the game turned out. One can loosen up and have fun while waiting. It offers a communal feeling, as people participate in this experience together, each supporting their favourite teams. The most significant advantage of betting online is the option of live betting (otherwise known as in-game betting)

How do NBA Spreads Work:

The sportsbook sets several points that a team will win by; For example, the Sixers could be favoured over the Lakers by 3 points. If one had to bet on the Sixers (-3), they would have to win by 4 or more points. If one places a bet on the Lakers (+3), they would have to win the entire game or lose by a score of 1-2 points. If the Sixers win by a lead of 3 points in such a situation, bettors will have their wagers back.

What is betting over/ under in Basketball?

An over/under bet is also referred to as a ‘totals’ wager. The sportsbooks will fix the number of points that will be tentatively scored in-game, so one will have to bet over or under the set total. For example, for a game between Sixers and Lakers, the total could be set at 260 points. If the bet is under, one is wagering on the combined total to be under that total. If they score exactly 260 points, then the bet is a “push.” In such a case, the sportsbook will refund the money.

How are the Spreads and Odds created for NBA Betting?

The sportsbook sets the initial lines most days before the game takes place. They determine this based on how the teams involved are rated. It is also set by the lines of other sportsbooks. After that, they welcome bets on the game, and the line could move based on the bets coming in on either side. For example, In a match where Sixers are favoured over Lakers by 3 points, a sportsbook could move the line to 4-5 points (or even more) when more bets pour in on the Sixers to cover.


When one places a bet through sites like Sportsbet for NBA games, it does not promise assured results. However, if one makes informed decisions, they can work their way around easily.


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