The World’s First 6-Camera Phone! Huawei Magic 2 Running Sub-Exposure


On October 31, Beijing time, Huawei Mobile will release its new Huawei Magic 2 in Beijing. The general appearance of this phone has been revealed after the news of the breaking news and the official warming of the Huawei. In addition to the price, there is not much suspense in other parameters.

Antutu officially ran the Huawei of Magic 2’s engineering Phone running score on Weibo, causing a lot of controversies. The Huawei Magic 2 is equipped with the Kirin 980 chip, which uses ARM’s latest Cortex-A76 core architecture and adopts a 2+2+4 core solution. The performance is much higher than that of the previous generation. However, we can see in the pictures exhibited by Antutu that the performance of the Huawei Magic 2 engineering machine is only about 248,000 points, which is quite different from the expected.

The configuration is almost the same, even the RAM capacity is not as good as the Huawei Mate 20 that honor Magic 2 in this version. The Antutu has been running at around 300,000, and the lead is very obvious. Ann Bunny analysis said that this may be due to the glory has not been optimized, Antutu cannot fully detect the performance of the Hess Kirin 980 chip, so the running score is low.

Later, Antutu added that the performance mode will also affect the running score. All in all, this achievement is lower than expected and is not normal.

In addition, GeekBench has also appeared in the GeekBench running library. The page shows that the Magic 2 has a single-core score of 3,300 points and a multi-core score of 9,500 points. This is in line with Huawei’s official test scores and is also in line with market expectations.

It seems that the low score is indeed the pot of Antutu. it also found that the current version of Antutu could not correctly identify the mobile phone, and there was a problem with running points. When the future Mate 20, Magic 2 and other Kirin 980 models are fully available for sale, Antutu will naturally update the new version, while Huawei and Huawei will also complete the software adaptation, and the running will naturally be normal.

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In addition to the configuration, the Huawei Magic 2 also has “Magic Full Screen”, “Smart Life” YOYO, 40W fast charge and o, her selling points, the comprehensive strength of this product can be ignored.

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