The World’s First Disassemble of the iPhone 11 Pro Max!


Since the release of the iPhone 11 series, although the sound of “real incense” has been constant, the sound of the spit has been quite a lot, and the most powerful point of the spit is not the same. In the eyes of many netizens, the shape of the iPhone 11 series does not change much. It means that it is actually a vest product. On the basis of the previous generation of products, it can be sold for another year.     But in fact, from the dismantling of the Vietnamese media, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has undergone earth-shaking changes, and Apple has completely redesigned its internal space, which is probably Apple’s last reluctance.

First, the most obvious change after disassembling the backshell is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is replaced with an integrated L-shaped battery design, which is not divided into two parts as it was last year.\Secondly, the design of the motherboard changed from the L-shape of the previous generation to a rectangular shape. It is located between the three-photo module and the large battery. It is “wrapped” and the volume is smaller than expected.

As for the camera module, because of the addition of a rear camera, the volume is obviously larger than the dual camera module, which may be one of the reasons why Apple redesigned the internal layout. In terms of the Face ID module, the front camera is upgraded to 12 Megapixels, so it looks different from the previous generation, but the depth sensor speed is still not upgraded.

Simply put, the internal design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is more compact, which is the basis for a 25% increase in battery capacity. As for whether this will affect the heat dissipation, leave it to the user for evaluation.

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