The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Will Debut: Releasing in June 11th


the director of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, Qu Heng Weibo, said that each generation of Xiaomi bracelets is constantly breaking through, bringing new functions with new technology. While bringing new functions, everyone can accept the battery life ratio. Was it short? Anyway, I can’t accept it, suggesting that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has more lasting battery life.

PPT shows that the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 battery life is 20 days, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC version battery life is 15 days, it is suspected that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 battery life may exceed the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, it is worth looking forward to.

According to the official suggestion, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 not only has a long-lasting battery life but also has more features, new technology, national pricing, personal appearance, non-feeling, etc., vowed to be a favorite product of thousands of people around the world. Not only restraint but also a breakthrough.

The information of the previous exposure shows that the Xiaomi Bracelet 4 uses a color display, and the small love logo on the poster indicates that it supports Xiao Ai, which is a smart voice assistant developed by Xiaomi, which is worth looking forward to.

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It is reported that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be officially unveiled at the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Life New Product Launch Conference. We will wait and see on June 11.

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