TheNeurosphere launched an innovative platform for training neural networks


Launch of the SYPWAI project

The first launch of the SYPWAI platform, which was created by TheNeurosphere LLC, has been implemented. This became possible thanks to a grant won in a contest organized by the Lifeasapa. Following the announcement of the opportunity to receive a record $ 90 million grant and work in Lifeasapa’s modern laboratory, TheNeurosphere immediately applied to participate with the SYPWAI project (you can read more here).

TheNeurosphere has begun testing an innovative platform called SYPWAI. This happened in March 2019. If everything is as the experts intended, then this development will allow to start decentralized training of neural networks. According to the developers, in the nearest future everyone will have the opportunity to plunge into the science in the field of artificial intelligence. This platform will unite amateurs and scientists from all over the world to achieve a common goal – the development of artificial intelligence.

The SYPWAI general manager provided information according to which the company has already started testing the platform, although at the moment only non-publicly. The company has always been considered a computer-aided learning expert in the commercialization of neural networks, he said. The platform was launched with the aim of introducing artificial intelligence into human everyday life.

The project is aimed at creating a platform that will not only allow using artificial intelligence, but also will train it, so that it can work even in conditions that are atypical and provide correct data.

Testing mode of SYPWAI

The launch was implemented in March 2019 non-publicly. TheNeurosphere has launched a project in a test mode, thanks to which, in the future, artificial intelligence will be capable of self-learning. The developers said that soon, everyone will be able to join the number of those who want to familiarize themselves with the field of neural networks. The platform will bring together scientists and ordinary users who can exchange their ideas.

SYPWAI general manager said the product has been testing non-publicly for several months. The platform was launched to bring artificial intelligence to everyone’s life, which will help to ease the many challenges people face on a daily basis.

As soon as the project becomes public, anyone can register on the platform, the company guarantees the anonymity of the data. In a project, you can complete simple tasks for training artificial intelligence, and get a small monetary reward for this. The finances will be safely stored in the “cold wallet” in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Everyone who is interested in taking part in the SYPWAI project hope that access to the platform will be open to everyone as soon as possible. Many people are looking forward to the platform becoming available very soon for everyone who wants to contribute to science.

Note: published – 11 feb 2019


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