Things You Need to Know About Pleasure Use Car Insurance


If your car is only used occasionally while you go for a short drive, then you should consider getting pleasure use car insurance. The premiums and the overall costs involved for this kind of cat insurance are roughly 15-20% less than traditional auto coverage.

You will probably be able to receive a low mileage discount, since your car is only going to be used occasionally. Here are all the details about pleasure use car insurance that you should know.

The Difference Between Commute and Pleasure Use Car Insurance

The best way to understand this is to take an example. Let us consider Miss Smith, who has a job downtown and happens to live three blocks away from her workplace. She has a car but she doesn’t need it to get to work, as she can simply walk/take the bus. She uses the car only on the weekends when she goes to the suburbs to visit her grandma.

Miss Smith would be best off buying pleasure use car insurance for herself, since she does not use the car for commuting to and from work. While you are shopping for car insurance online, you will see that most comparison engines ask you for the purpose of your car.

On average, the cost of pleasure use insurance is 20% less than the cost for traditional commuter policies. This is mainly due to the lower mileage that you will sustain.

Savings of Having a Pleasure Use Insurance Policy

While you are purchasing insurance, you should talk to your provider so that you can understand all of the fine print involved with the policy. Check out most of the reports, and you will be able to save a significant sum of money if your vehicle is not heavy-use.

According to research, the average U.S. resident spends around $1400 every year on car insurance. There you’ll be able to save up to $150 per year.

Why are pleasure use insurance premiums cheaper than traditional policies?

Since this is insurance that is under discussion, you have to understand that it all comes down to the amount of risk perceived by the insurer. A pleasure use vehicle is something that is used only occasionally and therefore presents less of a risk than a daily-use commuter vehicle does.

Most pleasure use vehicles are also not operational during rush hour times, which is when most traffic accidents generally occur.

Are there extra discounts on insurance for pleasure use policyholders?

Yes, there are a lot of ways in which you can get discounts on your car insurance. First of all, you should try to maintain a clean driving record with no tickets or outstanding fines. This will help you to access a ton of insurance benefits in the form of discounts.

You also need to talk things over with your insurer if you want to receive the best policies available.

This is all of the information that you need to know about pleasure use auto insurance and insurance for a weekend-use car. With the help of this info, you will be able to purchase high quality insurance policies for your car.


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