This Is The Real New Xiaomi MI5C with Amazing Design


Xiaomi has invested a lot of energy and time to make pinecone processor, right now this processor is finally coming out. It should be Pinecone V670 rumored before.

Xiaomi MI5C New Photo

According to previous news, Pinecone V670 processor is based on 28nm, using 4 Cortex-A53 big core and 4 Cortex-A53 small core, it will come with MaliT860 MP4 GPU, 800MHz main frequency. The first smartphone to use Pinecone V670 is Xiaomi MI5C.

Xiaomi MI5C old Photo

Xiaomi MI5C old photo

Right now a netizen leaked that Xiaomi MI5C is estimated to be released at the beginning of March. And there will be Pinecone Octa core processor produced by Xiaomi coming together. Meanwhile, he also emphasizes that it will be the most beautiful smartphone of Xiaomi.

In addition, the other netizen leaks a mysterious photo about a smartphone,claiming from Foxconn, but he doesn’t leak other news, this new smartphone should be Xiaomi MI5C.

Compared with previous leaked photos, if the new photo is really Xiaomi MI5C, there is still some change, for example, the physical home button has been ditched, it may use ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, because there is no port on the front screen, and the front camera has been moved to the left side of the receiver. It’s worthwhile to wait for Xiaomi MI5C.


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