Three Google Pixel Watch Smartwatches have been Bluetooth Certified


There have been a lot of rumors about Google’s Pixel Watch smartwatch, and images of the actual device have been leaked, showing a rounded display with rounded edges.

Now, the GWT9R, GBZ4S and GQF4C devices have been certified by the Bluetooth Technology Association as Google’s BT Wearable Design-Controller subsystem, which is believed to be the three versions of the upcoming Google Pixel Watch.

While these models could potentially represent different versions of the same device, it’s unclear whether the differences relate to size, market availability or support for cellular data.

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Igeekphone has learned that an FCC certification, which could provide new information about the Pixel Watch, is expected to be forthcoming. Google I/O starts in a few weeks, and there may be some announcements about Google’s new smartwatch.


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