Three New Meizu Smartphones Including Meizu M5 Note Got Approval by 3C Certification


Until now, Meizu has released Meizu M3 Note, Meizu Pro 6, Meizu M3S, Meizu MX6, Meizu M3E, Meizu U10, Meizu U20, Meizu M3 MAX, Meizu M5, and Meizu Pro 6s, 11 smartphones which are different from previous year.But Li Nan as vice CEO of Meizu thought this kind of product line and strategy is not as strong as last year, because they lost focus.


Although Li Nan has admitted the problem of Meizu Product line, according to National 3C quality certification center, there are new three Meizu smartphones which hint that this company will release other smartphones by the end of this year.


There are three new Meizu smartphone models, M621M,M621Q and M682Q which all support quick charge. But Meizu M621M specs should be higher, so it will become the high-end smartphone. Someone calculated that M682 and M681(Note 3)  are similar, it may be Meizu M5 Note probably. But as for which line Meizu M621 belong to, we are not sure.

As you know Meizu M5 has been released as the bestseller of Double 11 shopping festival, in China there will be Double 12 shopping festival, so Meizu M5 Note will be one of the bestseller on December 12. It’s said that Meizu will hold the new concert next month. Let’s stay tuned.


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