Through Incredible Discoveries, the Diabetes Drug Scenario has Essentially Improved over the Years!


Barring the untreatable or advanced phases of diabetes, the treatment scenario for diabetes has improved dramatically over the past few decades. With a more ‘focal’ approach to treatment, the global diabetes drug market will be worth $80 billion by the end of 2026.

Over-exaggerated Traits of the Coronavirus Among Diabetic Patients?

As we close in on 8 months of the global pandemic, it is safe to say now, that the coronavirus has changed the human tendency of addressing a critical disease. Although the coronavirus numbers are higher, the mortality rate is lesser than a few other outbreaks. 8 months of conscious pandemic studies are enough to put a retrospect tag on what turned out to be a ‘life-changing’ pandemic for many. Although the panic is understandable, there is less awareness about the deaths due to the coronavirus.

Let’s put it this way, coronavirus will not necessarily or instantly be fatal but if your immune system has already been through jarring times, you then become more prone to facing severe consequences. Among all other situations, people who are suffering from diabetes have been affected the most. Subsequently, more attention has been diverted towards the study of diabetic patients who are also suffering from the coronavirus. To be fair, the advances made in healthcare in recent years are almost certain to yield an efficient treatment method for the Covid-19.


There have been some exceptional scientific discoveries in diabetes drugs over the years. Keeping in mind that most of these discoveries are aimed at a greater cause, we have listed a few of the breakthrough concepts that took the healthcare industry by a storm.

‘Blind’ Cave-fish being Studied to Develop Diabetes Drugs?!

A couple of years ago, researchers at Harvard University came out with a theory indicating that the often-discussed ‘cavefish’ hold an undefined potential to treat diabetes. As crazy a theory as it may sound, the evolution of these blind cavefish have shown survival patterns that may cater to the development of drugs for diabetes. The fish are said to have insatiable appetites as well as an almost incomprehensible level of blood sugar. Several researchers have proven that these fish survived even in such unstable blood patterns and humans can study the way their body operates to develop similar patterns for humans with such blood pressure levels.

Virgin Beta-cells Already Hidden in Pancreas!

The phase-1 or type-1 diabetes is associated with a person whose immune system clears the beta cells in our body that produce insulin. We all know about the significance of insulin in diabetes treatment and the efforts that are being put to make our body work in a way that will enhance insulin production in our body. Turns out, a different category of immature beta cells are already present in our pancreas. Studies have also indicated that these ‘virgin’ cells can be used to revive and repair the operation of pancreas. As complex as it may sound, healthcare discoveries have shown yet again that the answer to a new drug lies within the human body itself.

Molecules from Oranges have the Potential for Diabetes Therapy

Among the list of discoveries, this might well be the most intriguing one yet. The origin of the compound makes it more welcoming, given that people would much rather prefer a natural way of treatment. In a new study, researchers have claimed that a compound that is found in sweet oranges as well as tangerines could be an efficient diabetic therapy. Just like most studies, the product was tested on experimental mice and it was found to have a much higher effect on bringing down the fat content and also reverse the adverse effects.

We Couldn’t Possibly Overlook the Glucose-monitoring Contact Lenses…

Although this is not completely relevant to the arc of the diabetes drug story, this deserved a noteworthy mention. Till the time we absolutely nail down a perfect diabetic cure or drug, such products will constantly be a tale of fascination. These contact lenses are said to detect blood pressure and sugar levels in your tears. The fact that adds a level of intrigue to these lenses is their ability to change colors after monitoring your sweat. Such discoveries may not be completely proportional to drug discoveries but certainly play a considerable role in the studies associated with the drugs.

Advances in Drug Delivery Systems May be Tangential to ‘Perfect’ Diabetic Drug

Although we may not have the practical drug with the tendency to treat all types of diabetes, the advances in parallel domains may keep the wheel rolling. The advances in drug delivery systems and the methods taken to ensure these drugs are fully effective on the specified parts of the human body will provide the alternate route for diabetes treatment. Having said, there are gigantic advances in almost all phases of diabetes and the way ongoing clinical trials are accumulating in number, the road to ‘perfect’ diabetes drug may not be as long.

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