Tips From Weblium: Do You Need a Website With Mobile Version?


Today, more than 5.19 billion people use mobile phones to visit websites and shop online. This is 67% of the total number of website users!

This means that the sooner you optimize your website for mobile devices, the more customers you will receive.

There are 2 different ways to do it: creating a mobile version of a website and developing an adaptive website design. These methods work in different ways.

Now we will take a closer look at them and understand which way is better.

1.What is a mobile version of a website?

The mobile version of the site is a separate site that is designed specifically for mobile devices. It looks better on mobiles and offers a better user experience.

In most cases, the mobile version is a shortened version of the main website with a separate address that the visitor is redirected to.

2.What is a mobile-adaptive website?

A mobile-adaptive website has a design that automatically adjusts to the sizes of different screens, thereby providing a correct and convenient presentation of the site for a mobile user.

You don’t need to create a separate address for such a website. This design offers the same full website content, but it uses a few fixed layouts and then selects the best one for the current screen size. 

Adaptive website design has some important advantages:

    • it is rather easy to implement;
    • as a result, you get one website with a single URL;
    • you don’t have to do extra work and upload the content twice;
    • there’s no need to use redirects;
    • search engines (especially Google) “love” the websites with adaptive

3.How can website builders help

A mobile-adaptive website is a more functional, simpler, and more profitable solution for promoting small sites and online stores compared to the mobile version of a site.

But it’s worth remembering that adaptive design should be and thoroughly thought-out since the user does not have the ability to switch versions as if he could using the mobile website version. However, this is no longer a problem since today most small business owners build websites using website builders!

Good, modern website builders allow you to create websites that are adaptive by default.

And Weblium is one such progressive platforms. All Weblium mobile website templates, as well as individual design blocks, have a fully adaptive design.

Simply put – any website you create for a desktop will look perfect on a small screen!

This is very convenient if you are a beginner: after all, you do not need to do extra work and have special skills. Everything is already made for you by the pros!

By the way, when you’re done with customizing the design, simply switch to “tablet and smartphone mode” in the “preview” mode to check out how your website will look on mobiles.

9 reasons why you need the mobile-adaptive website

  • increase conversion (by attracting mobile users);
  • promote your website in search results (mobile-adaptive websites always be first in search results compared to non-optimized websites);
  • simplify SEO optimization (adaptive design allows you to concentrate on promoting a single website, instead of wasting your time and money on optimizing several sites);
  • expand the website’s audience (mobile website traffic share is already higher than the desktop one, and it continues to grow steadily every year);
  • have a single site URL for all devices (to promote the site as efficiently as possible, you must make it easy to find from any device. And the mobile-adaptive design completely eliminates the need to type in an additional URL);
  • make it convenient to use your website on any device (today, users tend to use multiple devices through the day, and they want to receive the same quality of content display on each device);
  • present a fully-functional site to the world (as a rule, the mobile version of a website has a simplified functionality. This may be extremely inconvenient for users. Adaptive website design allows you to kill two birds with one stone);
  • reduce bounce rate (low website efficiency on mobile devices can lead to high bounce rates, and this reduces your position in the search results);
  • easily share your content (mobile adaptive website allows all users to see the shared content the same way).

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