Tips to Use PODS for Moving Cross Country!


Cross country shifting is an exciting nightmare for people. The exciting part is the dream that they carry, and the suffering is actualizing it. Getting everything sorted, packed, and put perfectly into place is a demanding task — and there’s no doubt that it’s a lot to juggle and organize in a short period of time. Check cross country moving app by here.

One way to simplify the journey is moving with pod moving companies. Though moving services and trucks make shifting more accessible, they tend to be more expensive and less convenient.

What are Pods Actually?

Moving pods are large, portable storage containers put on top of the carrier transport trucks. They provide you with intra-city, inter-city, or inter-state moving options. The containers are for sending your stuffs when you relocate to your new destination. They take care of all the transportation process and you can have them all the time you need during the whole process. In addition, pods companies offer add-on services as well.

The best part about pods is the time flexibility. With moving pods, not only do you get more than ample time for loading and unloading the container, but also an option for temporary storage at a company facility. If you’re opt to go out of the country and plan to keep your stuffs in a moving pod facility, the pods will act as both the storage and a transportation facility for you. However, the storage facility will have a specific paid contract depending upon durations.

However, not all pod companies have the same usage agreements and terms of service. To avoid the last hassle, make sure you ask about the service until you are confident that you are getting what you want. Some validations are listed Below;

  •    Purchase coverage:While you are away, make sure to purchase insurance coverage for your belongings. It would be best if you ask the service provider whether they provide coverages if anything bad happen with your belongings. If not then you have to purchase additional insurance coverages from a third party serviced provider after discussing with the pod company.
  •    The driveway legality: The pod container companies claim that you can surely hold the container for a long period of time if you pay the charges, However, the metropolitan authorities may object for using these services for a longer duration. So, you must make sure to cross-check with the authorities before you choose to book a container for yourself.
  •    Weatherproofing: Some pod companies claim that they provide truly weather-resistant containers, while others claim them to be weatherproof. It’s significant to understand the distinctions between weather-resistant and weatherproof containers. If a container is weather-resistant, it means it’s designed to resist exposure to the natural harsh elements. On the contrary, if the container is weatherproof, it means it can resist normal routine exposure.
  •    Accessibility during storage: Sometimes it can be possible thatyou loaded your container and mistakenly placed some essential documents in it. Now in such scenarios, will you be allowed to access your container? Silly as a question as it may sound. However, the truth is, better confirm it from your company beforehand as it depends on several circumstances. Some companies like PODS say an appointment would be necessary, while others like U-Haul offer 24 * 7 access to its storing facilities.

Besides, make sure you are well-aware of the size of the container, the delivery window procedures, and the pricing, of course.

The Benefits of a Pod

Besides the apparent control over your shifting plan, hiring a container provides you with additional benefits as well.

  • You get to know what you are paying for and whether it is cost-effectiveor not!
  • Several companies offer contactless and secureservices. So, you needn’t meet the driver.
  • You can schedule the driveadhering to your time-table without paying any additional fees.
  • Loading and unloading become easywith additional aid provided by the companies.
  • It saves your time and energy as you need not rent, drive or load a large truck to transport everything.

Time for a choice

While there are a lot of companies in the market that provide storage containers, we have selected a few that you might want to consider: –

  •    PODS (Portable on Demand Storage)– Provides excellent customer – service
  •    U-Pack Relo Club – Secure and fast
  •    1-800-PACK-RAT– Tons of deals
  •    Zippy Shell– Flexible Delivery
  •    Smart Box– Straightforward pricing


Whether you’re looking for a DIY or a full-service solution or something in between, the pod service team will be there to assist you according to your needs. Besides, using a pod gives you more control over your move for sure!

So, be it a local shifting or a cross country transport, moving with pods is indeed a wise choice for sure!


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