Titanium Smartphone With Holographic Display RED Hydrogen One Will Be Presented This Summer


The company RED Digital Cinema announced the smartphone premium-class Hydrogen One last year but has not yet begun selling it. The release date has already been postponed twice by the manufacturer, and today US operators have stated that the device will appear in their stores during this summer.

The smartphone will receive a “holographic” display with a diagonal of 5.7 inches and support for the playback of multi-view holograms, 2D and 3D video, as well as AR, VR, and MR content, which can be seen without special glasses. Also, the Hydrogen One is equipped with a contact pad on the rear panel, like Moto Z series smartphones, and will probably support different lining modules.

The essence of the “holographic” screen is the projection of 3D objects, to which the user can look at different angles, which leads to the illusion of “three-dimensional image.” The technology works thanks to a layer of nanostructures added to the LCD matrix, which highlights the image from the inside. For example, a city map on such a screen will look realistic: with voluminous buildings and various objects.

Well Known YouTuber Marques Brownlee to demonstrate the prototype of RED Hydrogen One

The RED Hydrogen One will operate under the operating system Android will receive the flagship characteristics, a USB Type-C port and a slot for a microSD memory card. The cost of the smartphone on the pre-order in the aluminum case is $1195, and in the titanium case – $1595. It was expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2018, but it was clear that Red once again reneged. Moreover, RED founder Jim Jannard has repeatedly hinted that he may raise prices. As for the increase, it is still not known.

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