TOKI Y1 Review – Electric Folding Bicycle at €451.54 From CAFAGO


TOKI Y1 Folding Electric Bicycle is the best choice for you to ride. Not only can you avoid the traffic jam, but you can choose a healthy way to go everywhere to protect our environment. This electric bike features 25km/h max speed, 35-45km cruising range in pure electric mode, 50-60km in power assist mode, adjustable seat height, and collapsible design, very convenient for commuting.


The TOKI Y1 Folding Electric Bicycle features a foldable head design that is great for convenient transportation along with an adjustable saddle height and central shock absorbers. TOKI Y1 Electric Folding Bicycle frame adopts sailboat shape design, high-grade aluminum chassis, high-quality materials, overall lightweight body design, long service life. TOKI Y1 is an e-bike that seems to offer, judging by the first photos, an attractive design, with an ultralight 21kg / 46.3lb frame, and exceptional performance, with 50-60km kilometers of autonomy. All this, without renouncing the folding design that has made the past editions of e-bikes famous. The frame will be in aluminum alloy, therefore light, so as to guarantee an easy urban movement; with an eye to aesthetics, which does not renounce to be fashionable, particularly modern in its lines.

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Powered by a 10Ah 36v rechargeable battery and a 36V 350W motor; the TOKI Y1 electric bicycle can persevere moving for 35 to 45km in pure electric mode and 50 to 60km in electric assist mode; without worrying about power shortages. The electric mountain bikes support pure electric mode; PAS mode, and pure human riding mode. adapting to the need of your long-distance riding. you can enjoy a long time trip with any mode according to your needs; combining three modes would be a better choice. Air-filled 14-inch tires provide grip, regardless of the weather and the road surface. They enable a safe braking process double disc brakes. The handlebar is fully equipped and offers a digital speedometer, light switch, and horn, as well as a user-friendly circuit.


TOKI Y1 Folding Electric Bicycle makes you still get the fitness benefits of cycling. We can buy it from CAFAGO at €451.54 by using coupon code: CRTWSY1B and ship it from Germany Warehouse.


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