TOMSHOO 500W Motorized Folding Electric Treadmill Flash Sale with Coupon @Tomtop


Health is quite important for everyone, due to much pressure for current life and work, we need to relax ourselves and take some exercise, but sometimes we are very tired from work, hard to go out for running, have you thought how to solve this kind of situation? That’s right, just order a high-quality affordable Treadmill can solve the pressure issue and make us more healthy by taking exercise. Today we find a bestseller from Tomtop, it is TOMSHOO 500W  Folding Electric Treadmill which can let you run at home, but also not taking too much space.


TOMSHOO 500W Treadmill has  27.5kg / 60.6lb net weight, 132 * 65 * 27cm / 52 * 25.6 * 10.6in package size, , 30kg / 66.1lb package weight, when it folded, it has 68 * 61 * 125cm / 26.8 * 24 * 49.2in dimension, and 125 * 118 * 61cm / 49.2 * 46.5 * 24in unfolded size. Therefore, it can totally support a tall person to run on it. It is made of steel frame material, ABS control panel material,  a foam handrail material and PVC running belt material. It has LED display to show speed, distance, time and calorie state. It is available for three colors, black, orange and silver.


TOMSHOO 500W Treadmill is convenient to use with LED display of many functions, it can be folded to save much space at home. You can spend less in fitness room to take exercise at home easily. You don’t have to worry about its safety, because it is guaranteed with  easy-to-reach emergency stop switch, which is helpful to avoid any emergency. Meanwhile, it is designed with ergonomic handrails with foam to keep safety, comfort and balance. You can listen to music while running. Just relax everything from this powerful treadmill.


No matter how busy we are, taking exercise every day is quite necessary. And this TOMSHOO 500W Treadmill  is the helper for your healthy life. Right now it enjoys coupon code: HTYTMS to grab one at $129.99 from US warehouse and $139.99 from Germany Warehouse for faster shipping and avoiding tax from Tomtop.


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